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Great article on the not-so-silent and silent ‘war’ being carried out. The silent war, for me, is the saddest. Many of us have lost friendships, family, and those things that make us human over the past few years. I have a childhood friend in Ontario who recently confessed: “ I’m not the same person I was in 2020.”

Unfortunately, the ‘war’ has this other phase: an attack happening now on people’s savings, investments/pensions, and purchasing power through inflation. The mainstream media now can ‘invent’ any number of reasons to further the profits of big banks and corporations moving forward indefinitely.

The other phase of this ‘war’ involves the seeming disappearance of representative democracy. My own ventures into having any representative at any level of government respond to inquiries since 2020 have generally been ignored—-especially when it pertained to legitimate questions re. their Covid response.

I highly recommend the article by Iain Davis in off-guardian.org titled Democracy is Dead…Long Live Democracy.

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In my opinion, the shrews pretty much know all this and I don't see it convincing any sheep to awaken. We are dealing with evil people who have all the power and financial resources at their disposal. Not only that but they have no problem crossing lines that many of us would never consider. They have decades of research into what has worked and what hasn't and have fine tuned their approach. They have enacted plans that have been going on undetected for multiple generations, like the dumbing down of society and dividing us over so many things. For most of us we either need to find a way to fight or flee. Because being a frog in this pot, it is starting to get uncomfortably warm in here. Just my 2 cents Todd. And since we no longer use pennies, it amounts to nothing. :-)

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Wow, i hadn't realized you live in the belly of the beast up there and are still under shock and awe.

I live in Columbus ohio, only a few miles from Ohio State Univ. Things here are pretty much back to normal. Even in the most liberal areas very few masks. I think the perps try to get kids to mask in schools but more up to parents at this point.

I understand how people can believe that God is letting us down but I don't. So far, things are going to script with Biblical End Times prophecy. Jesus said in Matthew 24 that these things must pass.

Columbus has 1.5 million people and have to drive 45 mins away to find a church that teaches/ preaches exactly what the Bible says (fundamentalist Baptist) and even that pastor gets some things wrong. The point is that the Bible says that in End Times the churches will fall away.

My best advice for people trying to make sense of this is in connection to God is to read gospel of John, Matthew 24, 2 Thessalonians 2 and the two letters from Peter first. That's maybe 90 minutes of reading. Psalm 2 is very good too (12 verses).

My perspective is that God is testing us and the Bible promised he would. This life is but a vapor. From a Biblical point of view, its all about eternity. Jesus said getting saved is as easy as drinking a glass of water (and never being thirsty again). A five year old can understand the Bible Way to Heaven. It's all about faith and accepting the free gift of grace. And then hope kicks in no matter what happens. Sadly most people won't accept the Bible Way to Heaven verses or even listen 10 minutes because of pride or whatnot.

Hang in there and think big. Question everything and humbly seek the truth. For me it's the King James Bible. I was atheist just two years ago. God works in mysterious ways. Peace

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