As infuriating as it is - we have to give people a way to face their truth - no shame no blame - at this point. There must be restitution and apology for the way we unvaxd have been treated over this era but right now we need these people on our side and speaking out.

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Jul 7, 2022Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

I am totally astounded that the parents of young children are being pressured to vaccinate their children. Or worse yet parents of young children are wanting the vaccinations. I just cannot get over it…I appreciate this article and actually plan to use some of what is discussed in a letter to the editor of my local paper. Last time I wrote about this subject I was labeled a fringe extremist. My letter only listed facts that were easy to find reference to…and all I was asking was for parents to do their own research. I am sure many parents in my community have done just that and made the decision not to have their children vaccinated. But I worry about the parents who do not have time to dig deeper…so I will write another letter just so the facts of the situation are listed. My local paper is not reporting the information that parents need to make an informed decision.

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I am as dismayed and perturbed as you & have been since mid 2020 when the messaging & emergency restrictions & mandates simply did not gel. For a full yr. + 1/2 , I knew NOT ONE covid sufferer. But literally everyone I knew was trembling with fear, eager to line up for the Jabs. They bragged about them & sneered at me for being a whack job who didn’t believe what was ‘obvious’ to them.

I sent articles that disputed the political , pharma narrative until most asked me to please stop. They got angry. Many had been friends for over 4 decades. A couple of old friendships vaporized.

THEN , once the vaxxines were rolled out way too hastily, test trials still not completed , the adverse effects began. Suddenly , we had vaxxed friends with antibody-dependent enhancement, nearly dying , then repeated covid infections , each one worse than the previous, brain fog, headaches, neurological mysteries, heart conditions etc. etc. . About 1/2 of our vast group of triple-vaxxed-friends have succumbed to what is clearly vaccine-related diseases. You listed many & I have seen most among these friends.

Trouble is: NOW those who are vaxxed are in a double bind and especially do not want to hear even a hint of truth nor acknowledge that any adverse events even exist. They CHOOSE to remain blind. And I note that nearly all of them are otherwise intelligent , successful Professionals, Business owners , Doctors for God’s sake !!! Their original FEARS have morphed into chronic hidden terror & increased their strident but ignorant views. They are blind & have ceased to think. It has changed their personalities & even their ability to love or be kind.

What this has done to society should be a crime against Humanity that punishes the actors promoting the Big Lies. BUT , I am convinced that NONE of it will be measured accurately & will instead be casually, mockingly blamed on any manner of unprovable things through constant deflection of facts , lying & this egregious demoralization of people’s minds.

The issue over vaccinating children sends me over the top. This is “a bridge too far” & should be the straw that breaks the camel’s back in 100% of the people. But sadly , SO SADLY , it will not be.

It has been a genius mind-control operation but it is EVIL through & through.

All we can do is keep trying to get the message out to those who may come to their senses.

All that said , I am happy to have come across this exceptional article and I thank you sincerely for it. I shall save it among my cache of 2000+ truth articles, studies etc. & share as widely as possible.

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Sigh, I wish I could dispute some of what you said, but of course I can’t. The only shred of hope I can offer is to tell you about the thousands and thousands of people at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa there to welcome James Topp.. The truth is surfacing! Slowly but surely…

Thank you for this exceedingly well researched article.

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Perhaps it is because the people who reveal the truth publicly and fight back are arrested. Tamara Lich is finding out what happens to truth-tellers in Canada.

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I had exactly the same thoughts yesterday as my wife told me many of her friends on Facebook have heart erythema, but are attributing it to stress. I asked if anyone brought up the possibility of MRNA injury. Nope.

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