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No such thing as a contagious virus. Virology is fraudulent $cientism and germ(ination) theory is a an outright lie. Pasteur's diaries were translated at Princeton University in 1997. He admitted to injecting toxins directly into the brains of animals to produce symptoms.of.what he called rabies.

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I am not sure about predictions, but I know the ‘rules’ that have been implemented in the new ‘game’. These rules, as witnessed from early 2020, were to not have open debate or discussion on Covid policy. 
Any questions asked were ignored or subject to immediate attack by the authorities. This has morphed into many levels of government and corporations making decisions affecting many people that are not to be challenged any longer and are changing the fabric of our society. They are all guised under the (nauseating) terms of “Being Safe”.

We have a PM who openly stated that this is a good time for a “Reset”. How much more obvious could it be?

The game also involves fear-mongering and policies meant to create divisiveness between family, friends, and colleagues. The controllers of the game basically state “Shut Up and do what we say, or else.”

The game now proceeds with the creation of a current foreign boogeyman (Putin) to keep us in our place and to stay scared. Remember the others—- the Ayatollah, bin Laden, Saddam, Ghadafi, Milosevic et. al.?

But the pandemic card—and a few others—- sit nearby ready to be played again.

This time, however, they’re coming for you and me—the middle class— who were led to believe if they were just good little boys and girls and did what they were told, they’d be left alone—and perhaps even prosper in the ‘Old Normal’ world. Those days, I believe, are quickly coming to an end.

I still keep a photo on my device taken in May 2020 in the foothills west of Calgary of a spray-painted graffiti over a large real estate sign on some rolling farmland stating: “COVID WAS PLANNED”.

We are currently in a short lull in the storm of change that I predict wants to drive people into a life of zoo-like prisons of their own creation.

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So far, I have seen excellent responses from Tom and Sanjoy as well as your article Todd. So I thought I would make this a separate comment that touches on some aspects of each.

So if we are just talking about the convid/clotshot prong, my "guess" is they are experimenting with different "flavours" that are strategically being dispersed around the world. They have carte blanche now to freely experiment on all of mankind because who is going to stop them? The sick demented mad scientists are just bursting with excitement.

So I suspect some of these "flavours" involve sterilization, immediate deaths of certain undesirable "useless eaters", experiments in bio-engineering to see if advancements can be made with man/machine integration, experiments in direct control of people by "flipping a 5G switch" to either create Manchurian candidates, to effect some kind of mass zombie response to something, or to effect immediate dispersed die offs (can't have them happening in one area or it might raise suspicions), or simple vanilla placebos so there can be a bunch of sheep to bleat about how they've had there 10th boost and they feel fine and even got their free coffee!

And of course there is the long standing involvement in Eugenics so that the ones who survive at the end of this are the "right ones" in their eyes.

These are just guesses, coming from some average Joe who's read his fair share of dystopian sci-fi, and who has spent some time wondering what an evil, twisted, sick fuck of a scientist or someone directing those sick fucks would think up. It is not a pleasant world to imagine.

And as has been stated by the other comments, add to the mix massive inflation, food supply scarcity, lack of income, lack of housing to buy or rent, lack of gas, strategic cutting of electricity and internet access, it is going to be a long, strange trip. But I would much prefer making that trip with my eyes wide open and try my best to zig and zag when I need to. Pretty much the only reason to hang around knowing what we know is going to come down at this point.

I don't know if this is what those rich, entitled assholes referred to by many as the "elites" have in mind or not but I think it's important for us to be open to all possibilities and do our best to plan for different outcomes and help each other out as best we can.

Thank you all for a plentiful amount of food for thought!

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I think your assumptions are accurate that the tyranny will continue as much as can be tolerated by the sheeple but think that you do not know or have forgotten that the Great Reset machine has 3 main tools in their tool box. Food shortages (climate change), war, and pandemics. Food shortages are already becoming very real, climate change is always pushed as an emergency needing government control, and of course the war in Ukraine continues to rage all in unison with the "plandemic". We are toast. My prediction is that digital currency will be the nail in the coffin and WHO's "Pandemic Treaty" is the nail in the medical tyranny coffin for the world if we give them the powers they want. This whole mess is much bigger than just CoVid-19. Read Klaus Schwab's book "CoVid-19 and The Great Reset". That really is the name of the book. If you want to be accurate in predictions, all you have to do is understand their plans from that book. We need to talk about how to survive the time before we can get out of their control.

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I don't agree at all about the scientific basis for the predictions, although I do think that the sociopath's agenda is depopulation and the institution of a feudal/slave tyranny for the remainder of us.

The only science used in this whole psyop is psychological science -- in particular, the science of coercion. Convid will come back when, and where, the sociopath abusers -- or more likely their shills -- think that people will tolerate it without killing the sociopaths.

There's no evidence of a new disease called Covid, which is why I call it Convid. The only so-called evidence is PCR tests. But the PCR tests were made without any isolated virus and never validated against a clinical gold standard (unlike all other tests in medicine, except for HIV/AIDS, which is another massive fraud).

And there's still no isolated Sars-CoV-2 virus. Sure, there are titles of papers in which "viral isolation" is claimed. But the methods show no isolation, i.e. no separation from all other entities.

And the so-called whole-genome sequencing is just a joke. They have a soup of genetic material, perhaps from the alleged virus and definitely a whole lot else (from fetal bovine serum, for example). Then this material is chopped into a zillion fragments, which are sequenced. Computer programs look for overlaps between the sequences and try to thread these overlaps into a "whole-genome sequence." But there are more than a zillion ways to do so, so they need some way to prune the trees, so they make guesses based on previous "similar" sequences (like the alleged sequences for Sars-CoV-1).

And, surprise, you get a final sequence similar to the alleged Sars-CoV-1 sequence. But even with all this rigging, there are still many ways to piece together the fragment sequences into one long sequence. So you get many different answers based on the method of guessing that your program uses. These so-called answers are "variants."

I think that Vanden Bossche is an agent of the Vaccine Deep State. His fear-mongering has two purposes. First, it spreads fear of variants, which is great for imposing totalitarian measures. Second, it gives a cover story for jab injury ("The variants caused it.")

If Vanden Bossche's warnings are so threatening to the Vaccine Deep State, why do the top links when you google "geert vanden bossche" point to his own website and to his claims? Why are his videos available all over the internet?

Meanwhile, doctors like Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman, who have been patiently explaining the fraud of virology, are treated differently. The first links when you search for them are to Kaufman's alleged denial of reality or to Cowan's giving up his medical license.

I have a similar view about all the lab-leak stories. They are just fear mongering to keep up the bioweapon possibilities for use in further psyops. But the only bioweapons in this whole Convid fraud are the ones being injected into arms now.

And there's no way the sociopathic elite would make a bioweapon that could harm them! And I don't think that some magic vaccine would keep them safe, even in their own minds. They know that all vaccines are poisons, because they created them, and are used for population control.

It's much better, for propaganda purposes, to make a completely fake bioweapon with no biological basis. In that way, you can dial up and dial down the fear as you want, just by using fewer or more PCR tests or by changing the definition of a positive test (e.g., as was done for the fake Omicron, to make it so prevalent).

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