Movie Night!

This is a discussion thread, not just an article. So PLEASE comment, and continue this discussion for as long as we all want.

I would like to invite people to present movies (or just one) that they have watched that you think have a pertinent message relating to the situation we are now facing in the world.

Comment with the name of the movie, maybe a bit of a synopsis, and a general idea as to why you think it has some relevance to our current situation…virus, trans humanism, vaccines, Great Reset, world domination, etc.

I’ll start with a few. First, Demolition Man. This is one I saw a while ago, and although quite silly, when I watched it again I was surprised how so much was correlated with our current world. It was a bit uncanny actually, but I guess it is a no brainer that people have been thinking about this insanity for quite some time. I especially liked that the characters in the story were not allowed to curse, and how they were continually monitored and then issued a ticket if they uttered nasty, offensive, words. Chilling.

One I re-watched just last night was Surrogates. This one was also quite unsettling from a “trans human” perspective. Robotics had advanced to a point where people no longer interfaced with the world or with each other in their “meatbag” bodies but instead sent out a robot, a “surrogate”—prettier, stronger, etc. through which the “operator” could experience the world. The ensuing story was rather disappointing but was still intriguing, down to the huge groups of people who refused to go along with the “surrogate” world—shrews of the future!

Please join in and let us know some of your favourite movies!