Mass Formation Psychosis

Hey Shrew Friends….I just wanted to put it out there that Mattias Desmet is releasing a book in a few weeks (available for pre-order now) titled The Psychology of Totalitarism (get it on Amazon, or I have been given a copy to read and will be writing a formal review of the book before its official release. So far it is an amazing book! I am so excited to finish reading it. Right from the beginning of this Covid circus I have been astounded how readily the general population has hung onto this mainstream narrative as the end all for public health, medicine, science, and how we are supposed to behave as human beings (being told who is deplorable, selfish, terrorists, etc.) I described the phenomenon as a form of “cult psychology” but I could not reconcile cult psychology affecting billions of people without all the criteria for an actual cult (many criteria ARE met, but some of the key ones are not.)

Desmet explains how all this works in this new book, and it really does answer a lot of questions.

Go pre order the book! But before you get it, how about starting a discussion regarding this idea of “mass formation psychosis”…what do YOU think is causing this very odd disconnection with reality. Sure, fear is a part of the “set up”…but is that all there is to it? Is it the vaccine that fries part of the brain, or 5G that is doing the same thing. Is it in the water as Ardis believes it is? What is it that seems to be basically causing people to leave their senses?