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I now have the book you are referring to and am waiting on the edge of my seat for your review of such...

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I am so confused about what has been happening these last years. Good friends of mine…whom I have known for years and years are behaving so differently. They were the ones I connected with to discuss current happenings…and it was fun. All of sudden…no discussions, but a wall coming up when a certain subject was mentioned (ie. covid, lockdowns, masks and the vaccines). I do not think it is my business to try and convince anyone of anything…all I want is a friendly DISCUSSION. It feels like something unnatural has happened. It is very alarming. (I must quickly add that not all my friends have reacted this way, but many).

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This is a non-psychology person comment --

Information is supposed to make us feel empowered. That is how we are conditioned from the day we are sent to school. It later transforms into getting information from media outlets etc. Identity, self=esteem and one's purpose of life flow from and are shaped by a great degree from this absorption of information.

Always, the control of this narrative has been in hands of powerful sponsors such as kings, rulers, or people who wish to shape the lives of others.

This is where our primeval desires, mentioned above, lose track of what is the objective of narrative flow.

The people in control of material world give the narrative an altruistic shade and the majority buys it.

This is the plain and simple modus operandi of the centers of power which results in "cult psychology" that is being examined.

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