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hey. what about an ontario meet up this spring? haliburton forest? the canoe site is gigantic. or other sites can be linked. mid may to avoid the beasties. anyone interested? or even a coffee meet up? or both? is anyone interested in a community? it would be fun. or i'll do a homer simpson slow retreat into the hedge........

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my ex from long ago was convinced that acid rain and the ozone hole were due to overpopulation and therefore was against having kids.... He was just plain scared of responsibility and chose the "virtuous" way out... had to pack him a bag of groceries when I kicked him out...

Not unlike the human body, the earth can heal given time and a population that isn't trying to control the weather or throwing their garbage on the street.

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Thanks Todd, another great article.

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For all the arrogance of mankind, this current civilization is only a burp in Gaia’s timeline. If she was truly that pissed at is, she’d scratch us off like a dog does fleas.

It is the hypocrisy that boils my butt. Like you said, the corporations and el-ites spouting off about my plastic straw when they are the biggest polluters. Yes I clean up my dog’s poop and put my butts in my pocket but it isn’t out of the guilt they are trying (and succeeding in most sheep) to foster - it’s becuase I can do my own little bit in my own little corner out of respect for the Mama.

(Cuz yanno, if the Mama ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy)

Great article!

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Too bad those who need this wise message won't be the ones reading it. Amid the rest of the insanity, one of the weirder things was calling the unjabbed unclean, as you alluded to with "vaccine purification". When that started I thought - WTF, we are the clean ones, we are unpolluted, uncontaminated. THEY are the filthy ones contaminated with the MRNA, spike, and as it turns out DNA, and so much more. I was so happy when the term "pureblood" for the unjabbed took hold. It's so perfect.

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Like most things, I think the green movement is mostly bullshit. If corporations really cared, they would insist on making things that last - like appliances from 40 years ago. But now, even major appliances come with a one year warranty. The only thing green about the green movement is money.

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Very good, Todd

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This was a very good read, I linked it about a month ago when it was posted on Off Guardian. I read you at both sources!

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As usual, a very complicated subject, which may be approached from different angles. As you say... of course we should act responsibly toward earth (globe or disk) but I have always considered it to be terribly arrogant to think that we have the capability of "destroying earth"; I don't think so.

Also, your article makes me think about the inconsistent (read contradictory) thinking of many people (sheep) who identify with the "official narrative". On one hand, we humans are "the scourge of the earth"; with our acts we are endangering the planet... but on the other hand, we need to wear masks everywhere to protect other humans (who are the scum of the earth), even if masks will destroy the environment of the planet. I say: please, pick a lane. Similarly, they preach that if the CO2 concentration of the planet's atmosphere raises from 0.04% to 0.05% we will be doomed... but the alternative is to move to Mars, with an atmosphere 95% CO2... Gimme a break.

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Excellent truth!

It amazes me that all the Super Rich got that way because billions of guilty people bought their goods.

They moved most of their own manufacturing pollution to a place where it can't be seen.

GOD had a far better plan in creating our habitat than the self proclaimed geniuses that want to change it all.

The problem will eventually take care of itself.

There is now about enough pavement in the USA to cover an area about 1/2 the size of the State of Colorado. As cities get bigger they buy up more crop raising irrigation water.

We look at a planet billions of years old and think it has settled down from volcanic eruption and earthquakes because this particular bunch of humanity has been around in a civilized world for about one second as compared to that vast time. It would only take a burp from this ancient Earth to wipe the slate and record clean.

Nobody knows When THE SON OF MAN COMETH!

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The issue that keeps returning for me ( I know this is repetitive) is “ why “ . Many of the issues ..eg the perpetrators of guilt etc are very clear ,obvious and in front of our nose , so to speak ( not withstanding your apt analysis) . Perhaps a benefit for me is that I assess people in a different way Markers like intellect and “ friendliness “ are not measures of mental acuity / wisdom / critical thinking or of the person themselves.

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Great post Todd. It feels to me like you suck the thoughts out of my head and write them.. cue X files music!

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This article helps me look at the narrative of climate change in a new way. Actually a way that makes sense. Years ago, I recall a friend (perhaps an early shrew) remarking about the people using their jets as travel to their climate change meetings. I remember defending them as needing that mode of transportation…they were very busy and important. I never thought twice about it. Now I am thinking twice about everything!!!

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Ha! You had me chuckling at "equal opportunity earther". Isn't that refreshing? To not be a slinger of pejoratives? It's certainly refreshing to read.

I appreciated this article on guilt. I think that's one of the things that frustrates me most. Is people flinging vitriol about issues without actually caring, or in such a manner that shows how little they care. I've been a tree hugger in the most Anne of Green Gables way for ever so long. I love creation! And that's why I do not want to litter, and want to reduce plastics, and want our air/water/land clean (also for my sake, and my children's sakes, and my grandchildren's sakes, and your sake, and your children's sakes, etc...). So when my (sheepy) husband says to me "You'd love this book, it's about climate change and wolves' migration paths altering...." I'm immediately just hearing "blah blah blah", because, ah, you DON'T know me. Enjoy your guilt and your entertaining propganda, maybe I'll listen someday when you're enthralled with creation! I've tried to be part of local nature groups, encouraging planting native plants and being a little wild in our home gardens - some of which I even helped start - but when it starts out with members saying how much they hate humans, I'm done. There's no point in enjoying nature with someone who literally hates...me...herself...all people. Yuck!

This line stood out powerfully: "Rid yourself of your reprehensible repugnance through vaccine purification." And really brings out the essence of what most of this is - religion. People who reject God, the Creator, must worship something. It's how we were deigned. So they worship the created. But because it's missing the core of truth - which is the Creator himself - then it all goes amiss, and the love is not true.

I thought you might appreciate this poem I wrote in 2021. It was given to me while walking down the street (ironically to get Ivermectin from my local pharmacy before they stopped carrying it) and observing all the signs in everyone's yards:

New Faith

(June 22nd, 2021)

The brick and mortar their cathedrals

Purified with the incense of antibacterials

The doctors the priests

The nurses the acolytes

The janitors the thurifers

The white coats the vestments

With stoles of stainless steal about their necks:

Their authority to listen to the secrets of our hearts

The papered and wheeling beds the altars

Where we bow down and splay ourselves before them

The first bath and ointment:

The baptism and anointing

The shots the Host dwelling within us

We sacrifice our children

In this blind faith we follow

Offering them up

To this God of Medicine

The policies the Tradition

Regardless of what the (cherry-picked) Gospel says

We picket our homes

With our newfound creeds:

“We believe…!”

And THIS is our new faith

We have awakened to the power

That only these Godmen can save us

Forever and ever

World without end


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