I wonder if the "experts" are going to peer-review this one


or if, as usual, they'll keep pretending that nothing of this matters?

I know what THEY will do!

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"And then there is the psychological effect of the Big Lie which is axiomatic in gaslighting. The paradox here is that the bigger the lie, the harder it is for the mind to bridge the gulf between perceived reality and the lie that authority figures are painting as truth. I believe that the prospect of being deceived evinces a primitive emotional response on a par with staring death in the face. We are hard-wired to fear deception because we have evolved to interpret it as an existential threat. That’s why deception can elicit the same emotional response as the miscalculation of a serious physical threat. Lies told to us don’t always bear the same cost as a misjudged red light, but the primitive part of the brain can’t make this distinction and we rely on cerebral mediation for a more appropriate but delayed response. And in the long run, the lie is often just as dangerous as the physical threat. Many government whoppers – ‘safe and effective’ – do cost lives.

To avoid the death-like experience of being deceived, a mental defence is erected to deny that the lie is happening. This defence mechanism was understood only too well by the first director of the FBI. "


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I am also at that point with the Sheep - I no longer try to show them anything. Sadly, that includes my son and daughter-in-law (she actually commented to me after her shot -- "we are fine; we didn't even grow a third arm" -- oh so annoying!!) It is highly doubtful that they actually looked at anything I sent to them. At this point if they haven't been able to figure out that things simply do not add up -- with all the "sudden deaths", the "vaccinated" sheep constantly getting sick with covid or the necessity of shots every 3 - 6 months to fight this horrible virus that hasn't killed me yet (with no shots) -- then they never will. As hard as it is to see my friends and family members constantly bowing down to this nonsense, there really is nothing left to do but wait, hope and pray.

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Je hebt je bed opgemaakt, ga er nu in liggen


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Im not "Bible" religious, but I do believe in the soul/spirit as separate from the human body. I belive that the spirit live on, somewhere, dont know where. I believe that the mother is in a very good place, wherever that may be. The author of this NPR article is in for a shock when their 5th booster sends them on their way. Whether the Bible is analogy or pure truth, one thing is true that the Covid years have taught me, and that is to beware false idols; all the sheep lapping this shit up might be victims of brainwashing, but they need to learn quickly to be more discerning, or the hell they experience will be on this earth, in their mind and body years. I hope they are allowed through the pearly gates, if they actually exist, just so long as they repent 😁.

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As the ‘health’ aspects of this operation are triggering for some fragile folk, I’ve been known to mention the financial compulsions involved e.g. coming off the gold standard in 1971 and replaced with fiat currencies. If nothing else, it diverts folks but without alarming them.

Coincidentally, the following essay came in today – it explains the financial issue superbly.

“COVID-19: A Global Financial Operation,” Michael Bryant, Off-Guardian


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Yeah this whole story just sounds like a commercial. "More doctors smoke Camel."

The Vietnam era might offer some useful similarities. It turns out that the hippie flower chicks spitting on soldiers, the unhinged anti-war fervor, the stigma that if you were against melting innocent children then you must be a college dropout....this was all a lie. Of course the hippie movement existed, and sure there were some lazy do-nothings who just wanted to get high, but they were *used* as a strawman against the anti-war movement. They were used in the same way that this crystals lady is being used.

The establishment is a one-trick pony: They rely almost exclusively on the straw man fallacy, and its counterpart appeal to authority. They use nothing else because they *have* nothing else. Propaganda wants no debate, to quote Mark Crispin Miller. Propaganda just wants to be the old couple who stands and chats in the doorway of a grocery store. And sometimes the only way to get this recalcitrant couple out of the doorway is to pull the fire alarm, to show pictures of napalmed children, to show videos of vaxxed palsy victims. It's either that, or wait until something actually happens to them, but by then it's too late.

One thing we can do for sheep is avoid hedging. Everyone appreciates honesty. Let's call a spade a spade: this is the biggest crime against humanity. Ever.

Dr. Michael Yeadon, the former chief scientist and VP at Pfizer said this about the covid vax:

"If you wanted, say, to depopulate a significant portion of the world and do it in a way that wouldn't require destruction of the environment with nuclear weapons or poisoning everyone with anthrax or something like that, and you wanted plausible deniability whilst you have a multi-year infectious disease crisis, I shouldn't think you could come up with a better plan of work than seems to be in front of me."

At 44:30 https://delingpole.podbean.com/e/dr-mike-yeadon-1617215402/

If anybody knows more than I do about Vietnam, or lived through it, please correct me if I'm wrong

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I gave up a very long time ago. There were only two people in addition to my kids who I reached out to early on in the vaxx rollout to present facts they may not have known -- that the clinical trial was not even designed to determine whether the injection stopped transmission, the RCT was unblinded, that the product manufacturers are not liable for any injury as a result of the product, clinical trials were years from ending, etc. , plus a few opinions such as you will never be "fully vaccinated." None of it made a difference because they were not willing to live alongside us like lepers and give up the things they enjoyed most about life. They just didn't care and were willing to take their chances. These folks were not and are not Covidians and knew very well the government was lying to them. They knew masks were useless and were against medical apartheid. They acknowledged what I said and never attempted to present counterarguments because they just wanted their pre-scamdemic lives back.

I knew enough not to even try with the true believers like my retired GP father, but thought I might have a chance with the "go along to get along" crowd. I was 0 for 2. My BFF just had to go to Florida last winter for her sanity and my brother was unwilling to miss his son's hockey games and give up traveling with his kids. To his credit, he didn't fire any of his non-vaxxed employees. These folks are examples of the old marshmallow study on deferred gratification -- the one where kids are left alone in a room with a marshmallow and told not to eat it and if they were able to resist the temptation they'd get two marshmallows when the experimenter returned. I can't remember the exact breakdown, but a large number of kids took the marshmallow rather than wait and get two. We shrews knew that if we held out long enough the vaxx pass would go away and we'd be able to travel again. We just had to withstand the coercive pressure and give up some short-term pleasures. During the worst of it I'd tell myself that at least I didn't have to lie in bed at night and wonder what the hell was happening inside my body as a result of it being turned into a spike protein factory.

So yes, these folks will have to lie in the bed they made for themselves and their children and grandchildren. Unfortunately we will too, but at least we will do so with our integrity (bodily and otherwise) intact.

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Given that MSM has lied about nearly everything else - including their ridiculous “polls” - I expect this story is a complete fabrication. I mean … please 🙄. You couldn’t have come up with a more stereotypical version of a “new ager”. Lol. Good thing that it’s now down to the dregs as far as the hacks they’re hiring

Good read - I agree it’s gotten to the point it’s hard to argue anymore. I still try… because I don’t want to be dragged off the cliff with the lemmings.

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Oh no! I've got a scratchy throat.

*looks at the heaps of crystals, natal chart laying on coffee table*

I'm going to DIIIIE!

*takes extra C, Zinc, Elderberry*

*cough* The convid's got me! arrrrgh.

*prays to the Creator*

Good bye cruel world.


What tripe. Obummer really did us one helluva disservice when he "modernized" the Smith-Mundt Act of 1947. It's what allowed the media to completely fabricate garbage and propagandize the sheeple. Before that, it was actually illegal to make up stories without some sort of fine print, warning it was a steaming pile plopped down by some See Eye Aye birdie, funded by Pharma.

How do you reach them? I think I agree, Doc, that you can't. It's at the point where they'll have to "come to Jesus" on their own, if it's to happen at all. You can't have an awakening for someone, no matter how much you love them, as it truly is a personal journey. A lonely one.

I can't imagine what it's like to know and care about people who are stuck in this false narradigm. Just being vaguely part of a society that is full of bleats is unnerving enough.

And to be quite honest, I feel less alone now than I have in over two decades! When I became pregnant with my first and only son, way back in 1999, I had also gotten my first home pc. That lovely "plug and play" HP from Wally World with the AOL CD. You know the one?

Research and science is my jam. I found Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and became an "anti-vaxxer" before Nick was even born.

I've never had health insurance and have always been "a difficult patient" (yes, I've read that notation on more than one medical chart of mine). I've fired more white coats and signed more AMA's (against medical advice forms) than anyone I know. Nick went to school without his shots because I knew there was a waiver, available to those who knew where to look.

This whole, insane psyop has awoken more people to the evil that is "vaccination" than I ever thought possible. I mean, how much more "in your face" can you get than a depop weapon, mass deployed, world wide with people dropping dead on live tv?

At this point, I'm like WELCOME TO THE PARTY!

It's not for everyone. If you don't bring a fully functioning brain and nice, stiff spine, you're not allowed through the door.

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Social division is the goal of this military-grade psychological operation.

Look at this Purdue paper from fifteen years ago, the Introduction & Use Cases in particular:


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Great article. I totally agree. The likelihood that this entire story is made from the imagination of the writer is high.

I am one who was in a very bad way until Ivermectin. I have 5 children who would protest greatly to the claim that Ivermectin doesn't work.

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Much of the frustration on the part of shrews is our continuing illusion that the facts should ( do ) matter to sheep . This is clearly not the case , comfort, safety, authority- parent figures trump those pesky littles facts . When I look around at my circle , family , acquaintances etc the shrews have always been shrews the sheep always sheep. Perhaps though in the past the stakes have not been as high . Have the last three years just brought us out of the closet ? Is this a good thing ?

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The NPR article & articles like it are what is killing people!

The lady that died probably would have died sooner if she had taken the poisonous Covid shots!

It disgusts me that people are still pushing the Covid shots when there is so much info out there from doctors & professionals that prove how bad the Covid shots are?!?

But I think they are trying to protect themselves from lawsuits for pushing dangerous & deadly info!

If they can continue to make the sheep believe them then they protect themselves from being held accountable for all their misinformation!

Doctors were prescribing Ivermectin until the Pfizer pill came out.

And as many here already know every country that used Ivermectin & not the Covid shots are in MUCH better shape now & don’t have people dying suddenly!

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One (only one) of the problems with the sheep side of all this controversy is their consistent double-standard. When we talk about athletes falling dead like flies, or people getting all sorts of adverse effects, even dying, after the "vaccines", they say all those are "only anecdotes". But they will not shy away from using their own anecdotes - like the story of Stephanie - to try to make their point.

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How refreshing to wake up this morning to your post!

I have found that those who use the word "conspiracy" are those who do no research but choose to stay in their comfort zone of ignorance. I take solace in the fact that there ARE consequences for that eventually.

I keep this Mark Twain post taped to my kitchen cabinet and even on my car dash to help with my own sanity: " It's easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled." I guess you can say it has become my mantra.

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