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Jun 6, 2022Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

Here are some quick observations. Just things I've noticed. Doesn't necessarily mean they will lead to anything.

- I've noticed over the last few months there has been massive advertising for the new Samsung and Apple 5G phones, often citing plans to get them for free. Makes you wonder why they want these things out there so quickly.

- We know these people are sick, twisted and evil and have pretty much unlimited resources. But ultimately they really didn't know at the outset how these vaccines were going to affect the general population. So they probably erred on the side of caution to not spook people. But that doesn't mean they didn't make certain lots with different payloads as someone referred to above. These sheep knew this stuff was untested and came from untrustworthy sources so they pretty much agreed to be experimented on.

- I believe that affecting fertility is definitely a goal of theirs. It will take some time to see the reduction in numbers and I'm sure they will have a cover story ready to go.

- I have seen some documents outlining goals in trying to make human brains be able to interface with computer networks. I'm sure a lot of their experiments revolve around this.

- I think the whole booster approach is to allow them to refine their experiments going forward. So expect each future booster to come with more coercion and more adverse affects.

So I guess what I'm saying is it could be a mixed bag. They could be putting slow acting medical problems for a certain demographic (and hey, it increases their revenue for treatments!). They could be putting in "kill switches" controlled by 5G. They seem to definitely be messing with fertility. And for those who remain, wouldn't it be ideal to be able to control their thoughts and actions from centrally controlled computers?

Or maybe I just watch and read too much sci-fi. :-)

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Jun 5, 2022Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

…how many will die…. its not about number….but People - will die- in the name of health and “better future”(its re this slogan “believe in science”bs) and for chosen ones (those who has incredible power very close to God’s, but not His) Sad is, that young ones will stop to have kids from the fear after what they will see soon….But there is still chance and always be, that Good will win over Evil….otherwise only to “get a sit and cry”😢 😉🌞

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Jun 5, 2022Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

I’m fairly convinced that some lots were highly dangerous, while others were either placebos or had a greater percentage of saline. While the immediate short term effects are horrific, I foresee more downstream devastation, possibly in the form of sterility or diseases that manifest over the long term. If we look at what’s been done these last few decades in the name of the almighty dollar, we’ve been living in a slow motion apocalypse of genocide. They’ve just accelerated that agenda.

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