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Excellent article, as usual, Todd. A complicated subject. Agree with most of the comments posted before me. One of the issues you bring at the beginning of the article is the tradeoff between making sure nobody commits a "crime" and interfering with basic individual privacy. There have to be limits to what a government or agency can do to try to assure "the common good"... without those limits, we end up doing more harm.

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Sorry. I had noticed after I posted (usually try to write elsewhere so I edit more carefully). I meant to type we live in a Crony capitalist society. It’s much the same as an oligarchical communitarian society except with the promise - or rather spiel that with luck and hard work you can benefit from the crony capitalism. It’s like it’s not what you do it’s who you know.

All you need to do is look at the Johnson government and his replacement Truss and her minister picks. No talent. No brains. No experience.

ESG is all about creating a new casino system as betting on real assets and stocks has come to the end of profitability.

Not only is ESG a danger but do is the future new investment vectors of making nature the new asset class.

For me, my alarm bells went off when I first saw the Agenda 2030 wheel of animals. We humans have equal importance as the badger, crested newt and bears (etc). This is a perverse inversion of the Bible.

Another alarming development is emotional social learning in school.

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We place the modern world on a pedestal. We look at antibiotics, space travel and heart transplants and assume our forefathers were idiots to have not developed those things long ago. The result is an assumption that *everything* invented in our current generation is by default good; the flipside is *everything* (now including the US Constitution, Shakespeare, etc through postmodernism and new critical theory) of the old world is by default bad. We view our forefathers and former intellectual giants as cute savages who didn't know things like IP addresses and blockchain technology.

The result is politicians who sublimate new gadgets like car cameras.

An interesting question I posed to my own family yesterday: Would Dr. Frankenstein appear as a welcomed guest on MSNBC today? I think the answer is yes, and therein lies the problem.

"If nothing is sacred, everything can be commodified." --Maajid Nawaz

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Satan's main game (besides convincing folks he doesn't exist--Usual Suspects) is convincing folks that we can "get *ourselves* back to the garden" of perfection and delight through our own efforts, whether individual or societal, by some means other than the flaming sword of God's Word, Christ Jesus, God-in-the-flesh, perfection and delight personified.

The fakes are myriad, the results always disappointing--especially the eternal one.

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To me, this statement sums up “perceived, but unachievable utopian ideas”; “where they never have to think for themselves and take responsibility for their own lives”. I experienced it during a conversation last evening with a friend. We were discussing the Russian/Ukraine situation. Her husband overheard a comment I made and went off on me for what he perceived as my defending Putin (I was not and do not!). I was merely explaining how corrupt the entire situation was from both sides, including the US involvement. Consequently, I became the problem, even in my partner’s eyes (he’s a passive “non-sheep” that I describe here).

Even those who don’t believe they are, and would argue vehemently that they are not, sheep don’t really want to risk suffering for what they know in their souls is the false narrative; the evil working to destroy our world. They look around at what they believe they’ve insulated themselves with for protection of their “comfort and happiness”; their solid educations that render them more intelligent than the sheep, their successful careers, nice homes and cars and boats, their “perfect little families and shallow social lives” of others just like them that prove, in their collective thinking, that they’ve succeeded in the American dream. Their greatest fear is disruption and betrayal of this utopian illusion with thoughts, much less verbalization, of how far down the rabbit hole of submission and allegiance to the narrative they’ve actually traveled. Those of us willing to speak of what these “non-sheep” are thinking in the dark recesses of their minds and work so hard to keep at bay by ignoring their souls’ truth, are to me, more an enemy than those actually perpetrating the evil narrative. (There’s a quote by Churchill to this effect).

They know we’re right. They know we’re willing speak out and to resist the machine and, in contrast, they have to wrestle with the realization that they’re weak and afraid of risking their illusory “comfort and happiness” for standing up for truth. We, the shrews, become a problem for them as it causes unrest in their souls. It’s dangerous to follow one’s soul; the very thing that separates us from our house pets.

I believe these people, who are willing to do nothing in the face of evil, who smile and nod and play the surface game of agreeing with us shrews but are not willing to stand up for their convictions (if they even have them!) are a bigger threat than those who openly threaten our survival! I believe these “non-sheep” actually aid and abet the evil narrative with their passivity and feigned indignation, by shading the light of truth rather than joining us in shining it directly into the darkness of evil.

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"people also believe we can erase crime from the culture with more militaristic police, more devices for surveillance, digital IDs, digital currency, and more control over all people so the ones who have “nothing to hide” can be separated from the ones who have committed crimes against the system."

There are countless errors in this thinking. In the following example let's define meat as the most natural key element, or nutrition that allows a dog to be a dog.

The first and most obvious error is something like, "If you poison a dog every time that it eats meat, you can successfully make a dog into a vegetarian." It should be obvious that you have not made a dog into a vegetarian, you have made it into a paranoid and malnourished creature that no longer fits the definition of a dog.

There will be another set of, "good dogs" with "nothing to hide," who have already been driven mad. These dogs already believe themselves to be outside of nature, essentially, they are not dogs anymore. They already don't eat meat. They are already afraid of it. In fact these dogs believe that they need to be protected from meat/nature by a cultural construct that calls for insurance against the risk of exposure to meat/nature which includes injections and surveillance to keep them safe.

These dogs that believe themselves to be outside of nature have been damaged to the point that they gladly enter into a slave/master contract in order to pay for insurance against exposure to meat/nature. They are so afraid of owning themselves that they will do anything to surrender their sovereignty to an authority who will claim to protect them from meat/nature. This includes all forms of indentured servitude and voluntary slavery including taxation of 40% of the fruits of their labor. These days, those dogs/slaves are not only told who they cannot associate with they are told who they shall be forced to associate with.

What is crime other than the instinct to shed as few calories as possible in order to get ones basic needs met? The real way to erase crime is first to ensure that every single human has the identical basic needs. There can be not artists who need to express their art. There can be no parents who also have an instinctive drive to meet the needs of their offspring. There can be no independent or creative thoughts, in essence, there can be no humans as God intended humans. Once that is accomplished then you just decide for them what their needs are and you provide the bare minimum to keep them alive so that they can operate as good slaves.

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All so called utopias like communism fail to address the fundamental fact of human nature. The purveyors of these insane ideas think they can compact all humans to fit their version of what a person should be. But we are all sovereign individuals under God, unique in every way from each other. The lure of the lies of collectivism seem to be smothering the truth of individualism. The fools fall for it every time. Thinking is difficult. Obeying is easy.

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