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N.I.C.E. is moving in next door. no bigs.


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Fauci said he is “science”, when I saw that clip it cleared it all up for me as Todd said he’s the self-proclaimed Pope of science. I love that statement as it has the absolute correct meaning, SCIENCE is a religion, It’s dogma, it’s unaccepting of challenge, it condemns those that attempt to challenge it. It throws them into the lake and sees if she floats, if so she’s a witch and they kill her, and if she drowns she wasn’t one, all works out in the end at least you know, right? Oops, I’m getting things mixed up. Sorry, science is knowledge.... NOT! It’s a religion, hail Pope Fauci (meaning “Jaws” in Italian by the way, how fitting!)

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Your post resurfaced two high school memories, totally opposite to each other : in 8th grade I was introduced to atoms and the void between them and the electrons that spin around them, implying that matter is mostly made of void (I still haven’t recovered from this one !!); and then hitting my hard wood desk in 12th grade, arguing with my philosophy teacher who tells me everything is an illusion... I now listen to NDE testimonies and quantum physicists in the hope to find a path to overcome the despair from what the NWO plans have for us. Trying to fold multiple dimensions into my constricted present... and avoid despair. What is reality ? What is progress ? Shakespeare could have come up with a good one on this (or maybe he did?)....

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Science works extremely well – as it always has – as a tool. It’s a process or discipline to rigorously test our theories about how the physical world works against the observed world.

But science – by definition – can’t provide a philosophy or worldview, contrary to the assertions of expansive egoists like Richard Dawkins.

Dmitri Orlov coined the term “Technosphere” for the mechanistic philosophy of world and life which dominates us lately and his meditations on it are well worth reading.

In the golden days of science, practitioners would have routinely been religious, so the scientific method wasn’t practiced in a moral vacuum. Darwin for example would never have intended that the process of natural selection explained the evolution of the universe from end-to-end, but as atheism has itself become a religion its disciples try to use the theory as a sledgehammer on and for everything.

Throw in the corruption of scientific institutions by money (eg institution funding) and politics (eg wokeism) and poor science never stood a chance.

As well as Orlov above, I thoroughly recommend the musings of John Michael Greer at ecosophia.net on the interplay between the rational/scientific world and the irrational/magical world.

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Our non-biological side is the source of our creativity, the font of all artmaking, and where our sense of awe, curiosity, worship and gratitude arises from. Our spiritual creative essence is the one tyrant's fear as they experiment in manipulating us thru their psyop and medical experiments but that they ultimately will not completely control because we are unpredictable and at essence, spiritual beings created for God. Our character, virtue, devotion, love, and their opposites, hate jealousy, lust for power are the qualities that define us as human beings and the tyrant's urgency for transhumanism is to maximize control over others.

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I have two issues I would like to advance here if I may. One is the transhumanism agenda that is rapidly being advancing in the world now. I understand the procedures that enable the disabled to function better, but to enhance every aspect of human experience just for the sake of making people more robotic is absurd. The talk about making a computer to hold the consciousness of a person who has died is a philosophy that refuses to believe that a human soul only inhabits a body as a single "ego" consciousness for a limited time and then lives on eternally in soul essence is beyond most peoples' ability to understand. There is SO MUCH metaphysical information in the cosmos that scientists are completely ignorant about that it would make our current scientific knowledge juvenile in comparison It is just pathetic. It is sad. And it is very, very dangerous. Human ego has no wisdom or maturity about being cautious about their "magnificent" accomplishments.

My second subject is very esoteric for most people who have not researched expanded consciousness or dimensional reality. There is a young man on the scene the past few years who literally remembers the entire journey of his soul for eons. He doesn't claim to understand it - he just remembers it. His interviews can be found on Youtube, but he teaches multidimensional geometry in a series on Gaia.com. He is humble and very pleasant. I recommend just trying to listen to a few to open your mind to far greater awareness of the building blocks of the cosmos. Of course it is weird, but things you don't know about are always weird until you understand them. The future of humanity doesn't HAVE to be totally ruled by scientists.

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What we have is fake materialism, bolstered with superstitions such as the big bang theory, quantum theory, and other unproven assumptions. It's a variation of religious dogma, it is scientism.

Here's a video on the insanity of particle physics done by a physicist.


I used to feel depressed that the system is broken and that it would take a lot of work to set things straight.

These days I see that the scientific method is baked in, even to the vaccine safety signals - a month after launch they should have been pulled on numbers alone!

The system is designed well. The problem is that we have lying psychopaths in charge of those systems who don't follow what the systems were designed to do.

If the majority finally realize that science is not the problem, but the management of such science is corrupted, perhaps we can have a peaceful revolution where the rules are followed uniformly instead of this pick and choose bullshit that happens today.

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While "science" at its essence, the investigation of the natural realm, is a noble pursuit, science, like religion, medicine, academia, and most institutions, has become weaponized against the people as a vector of exploitation, psychological operations, oppression and control. Most cannot grasp their peril, because they have invested their entire being into "belief" in the aforementioned "systems", and thus they are braiding the rope to hang themselves. Until they can detach, most can't, their detriment will continue at the hands of the system they trust. Public school trained them well.

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Where have our Godly scientists gone; those who proved the power of prayer to influence the outcomes of their surgeries? Those who believed that God worked through them as instruments of their minds, blessed with the intelligence and understanding of God’s role in their calling.

I feel I was the last generation in my own family to be brought up with any spiritual education; Sunday school, worship services, prayer and Bible study, singing in a church choir to honor God. We have denied this undying generations of most children with the knowledge and embracing of their own souls and the spirit of God in their lives. We have, as a society, turned our backs on God in our quest to obtain more material things, thinking we are giving our future generations better lives, with fewer struggles than we and our parents and grandparents experienced. Many today have useless educations at great expense to us and them, and do not even know themselves as children of God. I know my own (step-children) think nothing of God or would consider spiritual intervention as a part of theirs or their own children’s lives. I imagine they would roll their eyes at the mention of taking their children to Sunday School or reading Bible stories to them. My daughter, due to her husband’s, in name only Italian/Catholicism, and as requested by his parents, had their son baptized in a church they’ve otherwise never entered before or since. I attended a shallow service, a check-that-square event to please the family followed by a more important lunch celebration. The priest who didn’t even know them performed the perfunctory service as if he actually provided them something of value. It was merely a continued tradition of “the family” but there was no deep-felt feeling of the nature of the experience. I observed it carried out almost with awkward embarrassment and a merely a feeling of duty to “the old folks” by the parents of the baby.

We, who know better, have failed ourselves and future generations. We have allowed God to dissolve into the background of our own lives in favor of political correctness of acceptance with our children and the woke-sponsored separation of church and state institutions demand and yet we wonder what’s wrong with our world and humanity. We bow to the media gospel, the increasingly inaccurate and ever-modified “science”, touted as truth which changes to suit the whims of politicians on both sides of the aisle (actually the same). We’re already victims of AI-generated propaganda served up by both sides; the same message, simply delivered in our preferred line of thinking, but with the same result. We have voluntarily given up our souls, our critical thinking, our inner, spiritual compass that connects us with God. Instead we have chosen to follow the golden idols of the moment, offering us immediate, convenient gratification and perceived acceptance within our current families and culture. We are lost and have forgotten who we are, forgotten the true meaning of our humanity as we justify the usefulness or irrelevance of others of our species, abusing and murdering God’s children and killing off our elders as they no longer serve a purpose as told to us by the new gods of science and government; they are useless eaters, no longer contributing to our shallow world of “thing acquisition” but simply wasting our precious resources. The population of human beings is a threat to the planet of things. There’s not enough to go around. We are basically removing those who impart the necessary soul impetus in us that we so desperately need to remind us of the reality of our human essence; newborn babies to instill joy at the magnificence of God’s creation, and the wisdom of our elders who have experienced all that life gives us and how we as spiritual beings need our faith and spirituality to coexist and thrive in this world of light and dark forces. We’ve been programmed to believe these human influences are no longer necessary; they are outdated and meaningless for our evolution as sentient, spiritual beings. We’ve replaced our spiritual intelligence with artificial intelligence(quite the oxymoron). We have basically spit in the face of God, our creator. It will not end well for his greatest creation.

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Thousands of scientists of every stripe, working anonymously in labs around the world, seem to me to be the bane of human existence. When you consider what they have created and unleashed upon the world - GMO's, Roundup, surveillance and weapons systems, unnecessary pharmaceuticals (the list of poisons of Dupont and Bayer alone would fill a book), Lyme disease, and the weaponization of substances in bio labs - it's enough to make a thinking person scream at the insanity of it all.

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Yes... Unfortunately, science like so many things has become corrupted; and it has become - very inappropriately - a new religion (scientism). Since childhood, I always liked science. But science is just supposed to be a method to help us make observations and experimentations in an organized manner, to understand how the physical world works. Descartes, a long time ago declared that science does not apply to the non-physical reality. Mind you, he did not deny the reality of the non-physical world; he just said that we need to leave that study outside of science. But today, "they" want everything to be "supported by science"... even things of the physical world that are self-evident, and do not need to be backed by any "science". We know that if we put our hands on a hot stove we will get burned. Do we need a "randomized double-blind clinical trial" to prove that? Gimme a break. Obviously, the result is that we get a lot of "bad science"... We need to put science back where it belongs. It is just a useful tool to figure out some things.

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I remember one day, during covid, I was driving down the highway to my (very awake) dentist and I drove past a sign from a medical center, flashing in bold red letters “In Science we trust”. The religiosity was just so blatant. And then people started peppering their yards with all their new creeds proclaiming science as their god, and wokism their tenants. It was such a fascinating realization. Actually, in the spirit of all that isn’t science, that which inspires and stirs the soul, I wrote a poem about it. I’ll share it - why not?

New Faith

The brick and mortar their cathedrals

Purified with the incense of antibacterials

The doctors the priests

The nurses the acolytes

The janitors the thurifers

The white coats the vestments

With stoles of stainless steal about their necks:

Their authority to listen to the secrets of our hearts

The papered and wheeling beds, the altars

Where we bow down and splay before them

That first bath and ointment:

The baptism and anointing

The shots, the Host dwelling within us

We sacrifice our children

In this blind faith we follow

Offering them up

To this God of Medicine

The policies, the Tradition

Regardless of what the (cherry-picked) Gospel says

We picket our homes

With our newfound creeds:

“We Believe...!”

And THIS is our new faith

We have awakened to the power

That only these Godmen can save us

Forever and ever

World without end


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