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Although there's an element of human universality about it, I think you also need to consider the situational context.

I'm guessing from your profile photo you're a boomer, Todd.

I don't hold with the absurd overgeneralisations about generational cohorts, but I observe many of the people in my life who've had the greatest trouble coming to terms with covid etc are boomers.

My thesis is the boomer cohort grew up in a time of high affluence and high trust in media. Getting older now, adjusting to the idea these were temporary situational circumstances rather than universally applicable truths is a major barrier to grappling with present reality.

I'd add to that the deep introjection of the Buddhist/hippy outlook of universal peace and love.. now towards the end of their lives, a large number will fight tooth and nail against having their personal bliss bubbles burst.

Other generational cohorts have other situational challenges, but this is the one that affects our elders and seniors who should be the cultural repositories of knowledge

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I truly hope you enjoyed your time together with family, so needed these days. And I think you/we are all allowed to go to De-Nile once in awhile (yanno, sun sand warmth) even if just to get away from all this knowingness.

Your mileage may vary but I know I'm tired - oh so tired - of the fighting just to be my authentic self. It seems that is not allowed these days because I might kill granny or offend a tranny or other somesuch lame poetry. Even if I'm not vocal about it (which I'm not much anymore), just my obvious byline-noted "quiet, non-violent, non-compliance" is usually enough to set someone off on a sometimes truly vitriolic attack. If I counter back with any sort of logic, they double down. If I'm just silent (albeit usually smirking a wee tad) they'll find a different angle of attack. If I walk away, I have been followed with nastiness spewing all the way.

I'm tired of it all. Just defending my own autonomy is enough, having to have compassion for, and put up with, and try to wake up, the surrounding herd is just too much. I know they will be the ones that lead us down the reset path and, if I don't come along willingly, will berate me the whole way. The ones that are finally starting to see some light and slow their steps still won't fall back far enough, they're still trudging forward. I'm so tired of it I just plunked myself down and became an anchor; they'll have to drag me kicking and screaming.

Taking breaks now and again away from internet, news, conversation, anything that smacks of current events has got to be the sanest self-preservation tactic we have. Talking with the sheeples can lend us their sense of ease and comfort through just being surrounded by it. I do like sitting with a few sleeping friends and talking about camping and pets and fun times from childhood - absolutely nothing about the world as it is. It can renew me to fight another day.

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Nailed it. The nature of the current enemies is covert, whereas the nature of ancient enemies was overt. In due time Humanity will overcome the current enemy. God has infinite time.

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This is good writing Todd, and a salve to my dagger-wound.

I often ask myself "why not abandon truth and just dive deep into the matrix with the happy sheep?" But we have been expelled from that system and we can never fully return.

I sometimes ask myself if this could be hell? Perhaps being here without being a sheep is the result of some huge karma debt that I cannot recall. These thoughts haunt me. Day and night I ask myself, "What reality will I reside in?"

Sometimes the light comes in at the perfect angle on my reality where I can see a choice to ignore the chemtrails, the fluoridated water, the children loaded onto yellow shipping containers and carted off to indoctrination camps to learn the slave life...

And instead, I can intentionally choose to believe that there is a sovereign loving God who has me here for some greater purpose, who intends to protect me until my purpose is carried out. Maybe I needn't worry about the poisonings and the efforts of the gods of this world because this is not my eternal home. Maybe I am just here to be useful to God and maybe He is the only reason that I wake up here every morning with food to eat and enough health to search for Him.

In the darkest hours of the night, it is impossible to see these things without being fully devoted to them during my waking hours. I am not good at it.

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A COURSE IN MIRACLES, Quantum Physics, and The Matrix have a lot in common.

We are only Dreaming connected souls with non existent bodies in a non existent world.

Our continued drive for dreaming keeps us thinking we are reincarnating back so we keep having nightmares in this sort of hell.

It keeps us all out of our true return to Heaven remaining with a loving GOD.

ACIM is a long eye opening difficult read that explains over and over from different angles.

The basic is, "We are all one and when we find guilt and attack other we only attack ourselves"

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The family ( and I will include friends ) part of this piece has generally been an issue for me as I have never been a “group thinker” ( sic ) and therefore felt I could not be authentic in social situations. This has intensified over the last 3 years . I have learned of late to look for the pleasantries as well in these settings and no longer have expectations of meaningful exchanges. This adaptation has been helpful .

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Dear T.H., I often muse on the ‘bliss of ignorance’. But I cannot get beyond musing. Because even during the times when I did not identify what was causing my ‘suffering’, be it psychological or physical, I still suffered the effects of the cause. My ignorance of dietary requirements, ignorance of toxic effects of certain medications or food, ignorance of the mal-intent or the dangerous disregard of others, ignorance of road conditions or auto mechanics, and even the workings of my own mind — none of it ceased to exist simply because I chose not to take heed.

As I am want to do, I always refer to my most Natural companions in this world. Consider any tasty prey animal. A rabbit, for instance. Owls hunt rabbits. So do hawks, eagles, foxes, bobcats, mountain lions, and humans. Rabbit nests can be raided by skunks, ravens, jays, bear, mink, weasels, snakes and even chickens. I live where all of these creatures are present together. And their environment is such where fire, flood, heavy snow, and drought can present great hardship if not death.

I watch the rabbits. They scamper about, cavorting exuberantly in play. They stretch out and lounge in the cool grass, simply taking in a pleasant evening. They engage in lovemaking — not just copulation but displays of true affection and the comfort of society. The females industriously dig out nests in the ground for their babies, carefully line them with grass and insulate them with their own fur. Are they in denial that dangers are literally all around them? Nope. Do they ask themselves “What’s the point of all this? The world is a dangerous shit-hole and I’m probably gonna die soon.” Nope.

When danger is perceived rabbits react, fast as lightning. They exhibit caution and wariness. When a doe perceives her kits are in danger she will fight to protect them (growling, punching, scratching, biting) if she can. But their lives are not all about death and destruction. Of course rabbits still die. So do humans.

There is balance. Denial is NOT a survival mechanism. But neither is getting into a permanent state of fear, or depression, or defensiveness. We must take real joy and find our (healthy, life affirming) bliss whenever and wherever we can. Joy and bliss ARE survival mechanisms. Being prepared and being properly reactive to danger ARE survival mechanisms. We must do our best to not be anxiously trembling with adrenaline when the bear is not in the neighborhood, but at the same time aware that bears exist and can appear unexpectedly. For ‘Homo sapiens’, it seems achieving balance is a tall order. Don’t I know it!!! But I don’t think it’s impossible. All my best to you and every one herein!

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Thanks for this Todd... it's a relief to share ....my Thanksgiving dinner last night was the same - a mixture of my children/grandchildren and step kids, at my house. Not a big group, but all happily munching away, complaining about eating way too much (again!), and everything else was happy, happy (in that superficial sort of way, where nobody really says anything that's completely honest).

My husband and I have agreed, awhile ago, to keep these family gatherings in Clown land, where the sheep live in their pretty little bubbles. We've realized the bubbles are unbreakable, held firmly in place by fear, and I personally have decided it's not my job to try to puncture them. I've tried for over 3 long years and, for my trouble, have only suffered painfully long lectures and rants about my lunacy.

So now... and I noticed this, big time, yesterday... I have tossed their ship's line into the sea and let them drift away, into their own future, the one of their own making. That's always the way it is with our kids anyway.... we think we can help them shape their future, but we can't really... it's always been theirs and theirs alone. The result of this (mostly unconscious decision/choice) was that I didn't really enjoy our dinner last night - I pretended to. I think I presented myself as I always am, but underneath, I felt distant, alone, and as if I'd just lost the people who are most important to me. Which is exactly what has happened. I just can't hold them close as I used to. I thought I could, but I can't. They live in a world that doesn't exist, and maybe I do too... but it is not the same world and I can no longer reach them and it is heartbreaking ....

It seems everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, except me. It does make that Land of Denial look rather appealing, doesn't it?

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If you look into Orwell's past in military intelligence in Asia, it looks like he wrote 1984 about his time.

The 50s and 60s were prosperous but still had the narrative of "we were always at war with .... " due to the cold war. It was not Brave New World.

But now we are at the end of 1984. The system no longer can keep working when the citizens are starting to question leadership. The response is more censorship and more war to keep people distracted.

Huxley's Brave New World is the next step that they will try to implement. I don't think it will be successful because they're too late and have been hammering us with fear. If they were more subtle and then hit us with a "great war", it would have shocked humanity into wanting a technocracy.

Covid was a "great world war" that I think was going to lead us into BNW but they messed that up by making the cure so dangerous. (Ive heard that it was planned for later but they rushed it in , explaining why they were so rash.)

As for soma, as long as big pharma, big profits has regulatory capture of agencies and governments, there won't be an incentive to create such a drug. Such a drug would cut into their profits of drugs that need other drugs, like we see with the horrible psychiatric drugs. That's why they still use SSRIs despite papers showing it's ineffectiveness...

We are in a limp dystopia now run by idiots who serve big money.

These aren't the eugenicists of the past who were very crafty and manipulative.

Look at how even the WEF is concerned about the loss of trust. Instead of realizing that they need to provide some good things in order to regain trust, they double down on propaganda and nudging.

Far from Brave New World 😂

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I would rather know than not know, but it does bring more psychological pain. It feels like my feet are straddling two worlds. I read about horrible things that brain dead people believe, and then I go out for a nice turkey dinner in a lovely restaurant. In the Matrix, it was either the red or blue pill. In real life, it seems some of us can take either one as required for the situation. All in all, it is a wounded and weary world.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Does your family know about your Substack? Don't they read it? I can't imagine my kids would be too happy with me if they knew I thought they were bamboozled by the current thing...

That being said, I have thought a lot recently about how to keep going knowing what I know and realizing most people haven't got a clue. It can certainly cause full on despair. But i think part of the point is that we are in despair, it gives them satisfaction. So I keep reading/watching/listening and at the same time I try (hate that word) to keep a positive mindset of what I want for myself and my family, small as that is these days. A good chunk of family has ghosted me for the past several years as I think truth about a lot of things was a little too hard for them to take but 🤷🏻‍♀️ I try (there it is again) to accept this as a good thing. I'd rather be honest than compromise the truth for what would have to be a very shallow relationship with people whom I should be close to. I've lost friends who believed all the Covid nonsense too, although if a difference of opinion about bodily autonomy is the straw that breaks a friendship... maybe they weren't such great friends to begin with.

I hope you had a good time despite it all. 🦃

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I listen to Alan Watt when I become to accustomed to the dagger in my back. And then I listen to Alan Watts when the pain of the dagger is too much to bear.

On a serious note, I waiting when the new system they are building for us will implode. Psychos can't build something that lasts. They have no human understanding of what really matters to a normal human being.

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If I stayed in the 'awake reality' for too long, I'd end up in a nice, soft room with one of those jackets that does up at the back!

Being a 'deep thinker' is a bastard. I do have to pull myself back from the brink of the rabbit hole sometimes, and just enjoy the now without analysing the analysis of the analysis. It's self protection.

No one would know or care if I drove myself mad with it.

I'm glad you had a nice evening.

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"It crossed no one’s mind how much the world was in peril"

The world has always been in peril. Security has always been an illusion. It's just that modernity provides a very solid illusion, particularly to those who live at the centre of the Empire.

But now the Empire is collapsing, and those who live at the centre will shortly be joining those on the periphery, who have already collapsed and are living in ruins.

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