Todd, I believe I am slightly older than you, or maybe about the same age, but for some reason, I do not remember "The Invaders". But I can see the analogy of the masks with the "weird pinky". In Puerto Rico threre are no mask mandates anymore, except in health-care facilites. But the majority of people are still wearing them everywhere. It is a slight relief to me that it seems the percentage of people wearing them has decreased somewhat, from 90% to maybe 50-60%. I don't treat maskers unkindly, but I tend to ignore them. When someone I know says hello behind a mask, I will consistently say: "Sorry, I do not recognize who you are..." I don't know if that makes them think... but I am telling them the absolute truth. I cannot recognize anyone with a mask. They forget that bank robbers would wear masks to hide their identities. It was not so long ago that it was actually illegal to walk around with your face covered.

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Oct 11, 2022Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

Yes it's good that we don't Otherize the maskers, just as they are doing to us. Historians will look at the Covid Era as the biggest propaganda drive in world history, outdoing WWI and II songs about "Over There" and Rosie the Rivetter. In short, let's not blame the victims.

This becomes difficult, however, when maskers carry a demeanor of righteous indignation, as though they are virtue signaling that at least *they* care about their fellow man, at least *they* are not troglodytes or Luddites, that *they* didn't take horse de-wormers and drink pure Clorox (because isn't that what Trump said? to drink pure bleach?!), they *they* listen to the experts instead of weird misinfo spreaders like doc Hayen, that *they* took one for the team, etc...

At this point, they indeed seem inhuman. But they are human. They are brothers and parents and wives and piano teachers. Just as those pesky Russkies are also brothers and parents and wives and piano teachers. And as long as we hate each other, the elites drink wine (or blood) and could care less.

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The masks are definitely a sign of the crazies. My husband and I have recently moved out of Toronto into a rural community. I still work in the city periodically and the difference I see in masked percentages is quite astounding. Far more people are masking up in TO than where I now live. Some I think out of habit, others have that bug eyed look of fear above their mask. Either way, if given a choice, I will interact with the normal unmasked face rather than anyone masked up. In my opinion they are either too lazy, too stupid or too afraid of authority to look into anything beyond MSM and I don't want to waste my energy on them.

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