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I find it hilarious that Harari is a spokesperson for the WEF. In his book Sapiens he talks about his belief that the golden age of the industrial revolution is done and humanity's greatest battle to come will be with the shadow side of the industrial revolution.

So what would any strong intelligent man do after pointing this out? Join forces with the biggest corporate leaders and super powers. This all seems like one giant SNL skit

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When I was a boy growing up in a Central European totalitarian country, I remember reading an article in which the author mused about the future of music. He said something like, "In the future, I see people attending huge concerts with stages awash in blazing light, musicians dressed in glittery outfits playing electronic instruments. Meanwhile, in a house on a quiet street, a little girl in the attic is playing the piano, singing Yesterday."

What's passed for music today is what the generic fodder peddled by the generic supermarket is to real food. Listening to music without seeing the musician in person is like eating without smelling the food. Like making love with a condom - no, scratch that - like jerking off to a porn movie.

We're living through a historical period in which people - among lots of other things - have succumbed to the idea that technologies (stuff concocted to perform tasks) have the power to provide a solution to every last thing in their lives. People have given up on their own selves and have pretty much outsourced most of their lives to providers of this and that and the other thing.

It's happening all right. Resistance is futile, at least in the sense that those intent on turning themselves into automatons or androids can't be convicted otherwise - they're believers, disciples of technology, technocracy.

So, the minority of us who are with it have to be the little girl in the attic and hope that this shit will blow over some day.

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hey doc. what is the truth as to perhaps 70% of the population not having an internal dialogue? curious


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VP #4

{That's...Vox Populi}





"Why do we suppose this occurred?"


~ the formidable & inimitable clif high

BRAVO !!! Brother{s}.


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Those globalists do have their plans. I thought that this article was also interesting today on how they may wreck havoc and chaos but won't be able to succeed. Did you see this one? https://www.activistpost.com/2023/01/technocratic-dystopia-is-impossible.html

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Thanks for making this one free to read, hun!

I'm just a poor farm girl from Oklahoma, and while I'd love to support several people here on Substack...well, my 71 year old husband works hard for the little money we do have and I have to spend it wisely.

Like on HARD COPY books and extra solar panels and I'm saving up for a water well. And while I get lovely, free range eggs every day, they do cost me some chicken scratch. lol

I don't think we're going to be able to help out the one's who can't see. I think the best thing to do at this late in the game is focus on self. Yourself. My self. Our SELVES.

We must gain the skills and resources (while we can) to be able to SAY NO to this dystopian nightmare. We must be prepared to say NO and cut off the hellfones, to say NO and shut off the internet even. Just like those folks who said NO to their damn smart meters. Say it and MEAN IT.

2023 is the year we fill up our agency cups. This is the year to get OUT of the program. We've got to let those who are comfortable in the program sink or swim on their own and worry about US. Our own damn selves and our loved ones. Or at least the one's within reach.

It's way past "de-googling". It's even past "de-programing". You're either awake and aware or you're already enslaved.

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Good read, Todd, Great example on how they start off slow and slowly creep into all aspects of your life. Linking today as usual @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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Interesting read for us "old" people. I would say, take the best of both worlds. For good music use those ancient CDs, and for everyday music use streaming. But the problem obviously goes a bit deeper, as you mentioned the quality is also going down, so it doesn't matter if you have a CD when its terribly mixed. Now "digital remastered" is a warning sign.

You mentioned the poor people in Africa. Just think of that you're a pretty rich guy with millions on your several bank accounts. Now you switch on TV and see those poor people in Africa, and guess what, they are happy and have fun. The children have not enough to eat, but they play and have fun. While you with your millions sit there and are bored to death, that can't be, that doesn't fit into your world view, or what you think is your view of the world.

Hmm, maybe thats the picture uncle Klaus has in his head when he says that we are happy when we own nothing. "Look, these african people are so happy, because they own nothing. We should try that in the so called civilized West too."

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This also applies to what is used in the US, and all other corporations with a Central Bank, as unbacked paper currency. Across the top of the 'note' they clearly inform you who owns the 'note' (owed back with interest).

Even when you exchange the 'note' for a tangible asset/commodity, like a vehicle or home, that is not your name on the 'legal' title, the 'equitable' title is elsewhere.

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I purchase used CD's and DVD's from DejaVuDiscs, and I have hundreds of real books. Years ago I said that only fools trust in pixels, and that was before censorship was the raging monster it is now. Just wait until all money is pixel fairy dust that can evaporate at the whim of the controllers. What joy that will be!

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Proudly, my small children know how to use (and daily listen to) my old cassette tapes! I was one who always looked on technology with suspicion. I for one would prefer to own less, but still to own. Ownership and boundaries (as in nations) are, in fact, important. You can’t even come away from reading scripture (specifically the prophets) and not see that ownership actually is important. It’s not that we own things that is bad, it’s that we hoard thins and are greedy for things. It’s great that the richest of the rich who have literally everything they want (except world dominion...yet 🥁) are telling the minions they don’t need anything.

Recently I tried to “rent“ a movie on Amazon, but a notice came up saying “that movie is unavailable in your region”. Uh. No. It’s digital. It doesn’t work like that. However, your weird attempts at priming (pun intended!) us for global totalitarian control certainly do! So I found the dvd on eBay, because it’s one I’d rather own anyway! I’m stubborn about buying all my homeschool books and any books I want to read anymore. I tend towards the used books whenever I can. But, I’m with you. This whole digital “ownership” thing I absurd! I face this even as an artist. Back when I was in art school one could buy and own a copywrite for PhotoShop. Now? Nope. Only a monthly paid subscription to rent the program. Makes me so cranky.

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And I am sure he doesn’t own anything.

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