Loved the article. It really has become like a religious conviction. Keep up the good work!

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Dec 2, 2022Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

This week’s Washington Post stated that the majority of elderly who were dying of covid were vaccinated. This is the first mainstream article I have read stating this. It feels like the light is beginning to dawn on the vaccine’s failure to do anything as promised. Wait…I think I have thought this before…but maybe the time has finally come….maybe maybe

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“get the vaccine and you won’t get Covid.”

Well... I can "get COVID" anytime I desire.

Just need to use the PCR kit accordingly.

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In a very short period of TIME the market will be flooded with mRNA toxic spew inoculations! To cleanse Their World...

After all this is what one of the gods wants...


B&MGF/WHO/GAVI be with you.

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Great article.

I wish however, that you and everyone else, would change the way you refer to 'covid', ie: 'catch or spread covid'. I realize it may sound like mere semantics, but it's actually important.

'covid' is not a thing that can be 'caught' or 'spread'. Whether there is a virus or not is another argument. if there is one, it would be something like: 'sars-cov2'; and would theoretically be the vector of disease, the thing a person could catch or spread (if that were even biologically possible).

Anyway, even using the term 'covid' is a dicey thing, what is it in reality? does it exist? what are we even talking about when we use the term?

a term indicating a set of symptoms is where the term originated. can you catch or spread that?

I think 'covid' is a term that has entered the consensus vernacular that is being used unconsciously and incorrectly based on media programming. we all use it innocently enough, but if you think about it, it matters.

'covid' is actually a thought form, created by nefarious architects of culture, in order to spread terror and then sell a 'cure'. In this case the real 'cure', effectively, is death.

My point is if we inaccurately refer to 'covid' as though it were some germ or organism that can be 'caught' and thus cause infection; then we're simply serving to continue a diabolically harmful and false narrative, which serves no other purpose than to support pharma and ultimately medical tyranny.

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Nov 17, 2022·edited Nov 17, 2022Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

I socially for in trouble for going against the current. The perception by a person of their self must never be violated with facts.

Covid has shown me that it is a battle of good vs. evil on a spiritual plane. The attack on me for pointing out the truth or facts is an attack on my human spirit or soul. Their destruction of my spirit is their goal. Truth or different way of approaching life is not appreciated, and is rather frowned on.

If you look at communism, it's similar. Stalin or Hitler can't have any opposition views. Logic, long term effects, truth, or justice are play toys. What the dictator says, must go. They are the law, the religion, the doctor. Who cares if there is poverty, pestilence, starvation, needless war?

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Sheep cannot think critically.

This is not an arrogant criticism, it is just a terrifying truth.

We raised them this way in our modern school system. See John Taylor Gatto https://youtu.be/8_5h0aO8ZaE

We started with Santa Claus.

Every child has an innate sense of logic and reason, until we gaslight it out of them. What six year old hasn't asked, "Is Santa real?" or "How does he get through the chimney?" or "How can he possibly make it to every house on Earth in one night?" What do we tell them? It's magic. He has powers that you just can't comprehend. Santa is all knowing and all seeing.

If that doesn't cause them to surrender their quest for truth we follow it up with the tooth fairy.

From a very early age, we ask children to disregard their natural inclination to understand the truth.

Why would we expect those children to question the poisoners?

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Hi Dr. Todd,

In keeping with your quest to wake the sheep. Here is the best article I have read on the topic. We need to get really good at our elevator conversation about the stabs. Here is a great start at that. https://tobyrogers.substack.com/p/crowdsourcing-request-what-are-the

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I was thinking of the psalms I read today (miraculously read without my glasses on even though I can’t read sm print without 4X magnification) on those that followed the C1984 lies and went ahead with it all. Masks, distancing, being done 3 times.

I considered that surely it’s awful that so many of these people have become disabled, dead, sterilised or sick yet again.

Well no, I reasoned, I shouldn’t mourn them for they replaced worshipping G-d for The Science tm. They made Science and their Govn’t health experts their idols.

So they will be damned and go to hell for having other gods than G-d Almighty.

But then I still forgive those people who thought they were doing the right thing but didn’t succumb to the demomic’s hysteria.

My daughter says it’s their own stupid fault as there was plenty of info obtainable if they looked. Looked where? MSM SM?

I’m wrestling with this at the moment. I see them as stupid sheep. In the realm of ‘forgive them for they know not what they do”. But then what do you subscribe with saving you from the lies?

I thank the Grace of G*d that I was blessed with the intelligence to look for facts and to have been borne with a rebellious streak. Tbh in this world ruled by Satan still following G*d and Jesus Christ IS a rebellious act.

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My daughter (25) who took the jab told me about an acquaintance in uni studying dentistry who had a heart attack from "stress." We know that in Ontario this student would have to be jabbed to stay in the program and so we also know that it wasn't stress that caused her heart attack. The reason most jabbed people will not connect the dots is because a) they would have to acknowledge that the junk they took isn't safe and effective and they'd been had, and b) they would have to live in fear that they could be the next person who "dies suddenly," coincidentally has an aggressive cancer that has turned up out of nowhere, has a stroke from "stress," etc. I didn't even bother to challenge my daughter's explanation as to why a previously healthy 25-year-old would have a heart attack.

During the worst of the Covid tyranny, when I was barred from travel, restaurants, etc., the one thing that made it bearable was the knowledge that I can sleep at night without the constant worry about what the death jab might be doing to my body. I guess I'd rather go to hell than live in hell, which is what I think it would be like to know there's a ticking time bomb in my body that could go off at any time and in unpredictable ways.

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I too don’t understand why the general population so easily accepts “ facts “ that are just made up , even when the story keeps changing ! Possibly there is comfort in just being told what to do and /or this is symptomatic of mass unconsciousness . I do believe Eckart T. position that if we stay conscious in this madness that we will make a difference and effect a shift . Very Important that we do not succumb to anger and aggression as we become no better than them.

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Nov 14, 2022Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

Well....it's all craziness. But the thing that shocks me the most is that the majority don't seem to be questioning it. Why is that? Their friends and loved ones dropping dead or getting a horrific illness or condition suddenly and no one seems to ask, "could it be the vaccine?" It's beyond insanity and frankly I'm getting exhausted by it. Seeing all the masks out again makes my blood boil. Everyone going to the States say that they rarely even see a mask being warn. What is it with Canadians that this lie and manipulation worked so well on the majority. Denial is a real and powerful thing. Every time I hear of someone getting a diagnosis, I just respond with a "yup" now.

Thanks Todd. Always enjoy your articles!

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Nov 14, 2022Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

I was really sick in August and of course everyone asked me if it was covid, to which I replied that I didn't test positive. Meaning I didn't take any damn test (and never will) but most people are too stupid to ask clarifying questions so they accepted what I said at face value. Except one friend, who said "so you did a test then", to which I truthfully replied that I did not. She is convinced it was covid and actually said "at least you didn't die." Never remotely feeling I was near death, I was shocked that she seemed to think that death is likely from anything resembling any illness. Having any interaction with the brainwashed always sets my teeth on edge. It gets more annoying every day.

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