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In my past history as a person, I truly did not want to care if I heard bad news about something I had supported…that I believed in. Since the covid happening struck I am caring about everything and now am on overload. However, caring about everything makes me more open…I am more aware. And of course caring about everything does not mean I believe everything. Actually I believe less. I don’t know if I am making any sense!

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This is a fascinating subject, and perhaps the most important issue we face today. The reason why most people can't engage with facts, truth or reality is that they have become completely demoralised (as per Yuri Bessmenov).

They are demoralised because they are constantly being bombarded with crisis after crisis (terror after terror) with absolutely no context to explain what might actually be happening. Anyone attempting to explain what might actually be going on is dismissed as a 'conspiracy theorist'. In this way nuance and detail are made taboo and only short, low resolution explanations are allowed.

After a lifetime of this most people have resigned themselves to passively watching endless crisis events and dramas being played out on TV without ever understanding the how, why, what, who or when.

This means when you talk to them there is no shared frame of reference. This is what creates the enormous chasm between normies and awake people.

Imagine trying to tell an anecdote about some funny thing which happened to you while on holiday. Maybe your baggage got put on the wrong plane. Or maybe you and your PA went to a work conference and they booked you a double room instead of two singles.

But the person you are talking to doesn't know what an aeroplane is, or a package holiday, or a hotel, or a work conference. So you have to explain all of these things in painstaking detail (over several hours) to give the correct context for your simple 2 minute anecdote. But by the time you've got half way through explaining they've become overwhelmed and lost interest in the conversation. And who can blame them.

People's attention spans are kept short for this reason. Every news story has an explanation which only takes a minute or two to explain. "A deadly virus passed from bats to humans, everyone got sick and the government helped us by locking down the world and making us a magic potion in record time" ...... "Some bad men in a cave attacked a building with some planes and the government helped us with more surveillance and some wars to whoop their asses".

As long as the REAL explanation (and the context which is necessary for it to make sense) takes 10x longer to explain than people's attention spans can cope with, then they will never be reachable and they will remain in their trance.

This is why ranting at these people with a long list of facts, arguments and evidence does not seem to work :)

The opposite approach would be to simplify, simplify, simplify. And make it fun and engaging. And keep things as familiar as possible.


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Honestly I don’t see the point on trying too hard to maintain friendships with sheep. If you can’t have an open conversation and be willing to disagree, listen and maybe change your mind without anger, what’s the point of the friendship? It’s just fluff. I’d rather read a good book or play with my dog.

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"Go out on the back porch, have a beer, and watch the squirrels."

Great idea, better than watching the news or talking to the sheep, the two legged ones.

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Jordan Peterson: "Nietzsche said a man's worth was determined by how much truth he could tolerate." (12 rules for life pg 223). Supports many people's instinct that the root problem is a lack of will or courage to face the truth - so the then the deflection to "don't care."

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It's lonely here in sane world.

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Imagine you are living in 18th Century Europe. In a middling life. Hearing rumblings from the English colonies in America about something called "freedom" and other silly imaginings of foolish people. Would you care about the cause of freedom? Rights you were endowed by your creator with?

That's where we are. Proponents of freedom, constitutional rights have not been teaching young minds for several generations now. Even older generations are far-removed from the telling of the virtues and value of constitutional freedom. Told that removing restrictions on vices and morals equals more freedom, and questions how could a society that decriminalized marijuana and passes out pornography in elementary school be less free?

That's where we are. If ever there was a time for a Thomas Paine "Common Sense" project that could take a 47-page pamphlet from pre-revolutionary times that inspired a revolution and communicate it in 21st Century terms and attention spans this would be it. We haven't made the case for freedom in compelling terms. Sad fact. And Pres. Reagan was right, it's not passed down in the bloodstream.

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I have had that response and am thankful you are writing on this!

It seems to run parallel with the orchestra playing music on the Titanic while sinking and chaos everywhere. Basically a mode of self preservation to protect oneself from the horror of it all ?!

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I spent about two years trying to get through to sheep. I finally gave up when I realized that my success rate was 0%. Of course I have never thought of myself as a very persuasive person. I do know of one sheep that turned things around, but it wasn't because of anything I said. I would love to hear from one person who has had even one success. My educated guess is that almost everyone has a 0% sheep conversion rate. Anyone out have a success story to tell?

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A great article, Todd. You touched on so many points! There is much to consider in trying to understand why people don't or won't see the truth. I had friend that would argue black and blue with me on any number of topics. Several times, when I had made it very clear to both of us that his position was misguided, his response was very juvenile. Instead of ceding that he'd been mistaken, there would be a long pause... then, he would burst into hysterical laughter. When I asked why he was laughing, he would completely ignore my question and just keep laughing. Talk about annoying.

His point was to imply he was "only kidding" and merely goading me. Clearly, he was not, as sometimes the discussion had been very heated. His dismissive attitude was to avoid acknowledging his mistakenness. In my estimation, he was too insecure to engage in meaningful discussion.

I guess I'm sharing this as an example of how certain people aren't worth the effort. I had to give up talking to him altogether because it became too infuriating. In essence, I believe there's a segment of the population who are simply incapable of critical thinking. And, sadly, I believe it may even be the majority. Then, there are those who see the truth, but just don't want to be 'wrong.' In the context of the Covid injections, there's also the inability to accept that they have been so horrifically duped, to the point that their very lives may be on the line. That must be a tough pill to swallow. (That's almost a pun!)

At the end of the day, I guess all we can do is to keep on trying to reach people. And, not let their response get to us. Some, we will reach. Some, not so much. Along the way, we must try to find peace, love, happiness... or whatever keeps us going.

Thank you for your thoughtful piece. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It reminded me I'm not alone.

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Good one as usual, Todd. Linked it previously @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

when it was posted on Off Guardian. The comment I made on my site was that some people just don't give a "Sh*t"!!!

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The Australian natives did not see the ships because the ships negated their world view. In the strictest sense, the ships negated them. It is the same with the I-do-not-care people. They have to be able to get up in the morning and look in the mirror. The last thing you want to meet in the morning is an idiot who poisoned their own kids staring back at you. It's the complicity. The regime made them accomplices in their crimes. Nobody short of a saint can admit/live with that.

This is absolutely normal. I grew up in a place where 90% of people were like that.

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I tried to convince my rent tenant to stay unvaccinated but he ignored me and got his first 2 jabs and also got COVID twice as did his relatives that also took the jab.

He came up for coffee one day and said he was thinking of going to get his first booster. I told him that none of them worked and the boosters wouldn't either.

He said, "BUT they are giving a $200 Amazon card to take the booster!

I answered, " GREAT, if you croak, can I have the card?"

He didn't take the booster!

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I've mentioned before that I am a recovering alcoholic (5 years sober last July!). One of the first things I was introduced to in rehab was the serenity prayer which is as follows:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change

The courage to change the things I can

And the wisdom to know the difference.

As someone who used to struggle with the weight of trying to solve every problem I encountered, you cannot imagine how freeing this was for me. I suddenly realized there were all kinds of things I could do little or nothing about. And so I cast them aside and focused on the rest.

So during all of this plan-demic crap, I realized it was best to just keep my mouth shut. I wasn't going to win any arguments, change any minds so why stir up things? And it's hard, especially when those close to me have been sucked into all this bullshit.

It's not all that different from seeing a friend who seems to have a drinking problem. I don't say anything. They know my story. If they want my advice they know they can ask me. But I know that when I was where they are now, there was nobody who could have convinced me to stop. I had to get there on my own and then get others to help.

So that's what I do. I am open and honest about my feelings about all of this crap if someone asks. But I don't go around telling anyone what to do. If they want advice, they know they can always ask.

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The inability to break through the myopia of most reminds me of something that always irritates the bejeezus out of me. Which is when an otherwise brilliant substacker writes how they hope to God the jabs aren't as bad as we fear, and pray for no more harm. Well, sorry to bust that bubble, but can you imagine where we'd be if the jabs were safe and effective? There is one thing, one thing only, that will get through to these people. That's such extreme and undeniable jab damage they have to capitulate. Even then there will be a few holdouts. But extreme enough carnage would tip the scales. Classic catch-22. Of course we hate to see people suffer (except for the orchestrators and the worst of the zealots). OTOH, the worse the damage, the more hope for our future. So far it doesn't look like the jabs are bad enough. Until NFL, NBA, D1 stars, and members of congress start dropping, it's not enough. A few lesser-known soccer players, high-school athletes, and obscure entertainers falls way short.

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