Slow Boil

Everyone knows by now the analogy often tossed about these days describing a frog in a pot of water on a stove. The heat is turned up so slowly that the frog has no idea that if he (or she) doesn’t jump out he will be boiled alive. Seems that most sheep, the normies, are like the frog. The rest of us (for the sake of simplicity I will call the rest of us “shrews”—more on that later!) are doing most of the jumping—or at least trying to. I don’t know if TPTB (“the powers that be”—need I clarify?) really care about a few jumping frogs, although our shrew numbers are increasing every day and may soon outnumber the sheep! What does seem to be clear is that some of the sheep are waking up and are attempting to jump out of the pot themselves.

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