We are definitely in a spiritual and also a psychological war! So how do we stop it from attacking our friends and family? How do we put and end to all this madness?! My soul is telling me...we must fight fire with fire and use the same tactics...but with God, love and light! We need to come together in a spiritual way to break them out of this. But to open their hearts we need to use psychological techniques to unbrainwash them. Its time for an intervention! Or should we sit and stir and just wait for them to wake up?

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May 27, 2022Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

Reminds me of In The Flesh from The Wall by Pink Floyd. Here are the lyrics - https://www.pink-floyd-lyrics.com/html/in-the-flesh-2-wall-lyrics.html

So she could be a crazed diva having a public hissy fit. Or it could be more diabolical than that. These performers tend to sell their soul at a young age when they are gullible and willing to do anything to achieve their dream. So maybe some "elite" decided to get a message out that people will be shunned if they don't follow "the current thing". So they go through the rolodex of "stars" they own and land on Lupone and tell her that it's time to pay up. Have a public meltdown with lots of cameras recording the event. And there you go - a manufactured "news story". What lingers in the mind of the sheep is that they don't want to be on the receiving end of this in the future.

I am so over attending live events. I used to enjoy live music but I didn't enjoy exorbitant ticket prices, uncomfortable venues, overpriced concessions, bad sound and on and on. A lot of the same goes for watching live sports events. I live 2 blocks from the Rogers Centre but haven't been to see a Blue Jays game in forever. I'd much rather watch it in the comfort of my home with the added bonus of being able to watch replays that don't get shown in the stadium if it makes the umpires look bad.

So now you add in masking, proof of vaccination ("show us your papers!") and the damn QR code scanning so they can track your device, can tell you that somebody with a cough may have been there so kindly lock yourself away from the world for a few weeks. No thank you.

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