That point about how Pharma isn't even attempting to cover their tracks for any repercussions is extremely eye opening, Never actually thought about it but you're 100% right.

The point about mirroring I also loved, such a subtle thing to think about but gives a great perspective on how the aristocrats get away with so much

Keep up the good work ! The shrews will burn down Aristocratic Valhalla

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On point as ever. I was taken by Naomi Wolf's quote about "mirror imaging." She is really talking about emotions rather than thinking, which I would call internal dialog - words and language based. The subject of emotions could be very contentious. Humankind presumes you will feel emotions at given events and situations. What if you don't? Does that make you a bad person? Many would think so. You are supposed to *feel* something.

I tend to advocate control of both emotions and internal dialog - having a "self-observer" seeing yourself in action... learning to curtail emotions which are often negative and send you hither and thither in life.

I'm not convinced that the global power brokers (or malevolent overlords) lack emotion. They no doubt hide it. But they might well be driven by rampant negative emotions... hatred and disdain for the "under classes," for example.

Naomi Wolf is excellent. I wonder if she met me if she'd think, "I don't think like the good doktor..." And me intuiting the same about her.

I see myself more like a cat in the way I go on. But if neighbors need any help, even if it's pretty big time, I'm there. Echoing Ayn Rand, I'd call that rational self-interest.

I'm not convinced by Naomi's thoughts on the power brokers. Mirror imagining is a valuable concept. But I just wish I knew somebody like Tony Blair or Klaus Schwab personally - enough that they trust me... as then I'd be able to read them a lot better than what we see via the media.

Tony Blair actually comes across quite well ... even if you hate him... what I notice is he has a lot of control of his eye movements... these give away how you are thinking, or roughly anyway. OK, he might have a teleprompter going on... I'm sure he has on occasion... but I'm pretty sure some of the videos I've seen he doesn't have one. Have to observe Klaus Schwab more... not a pleasant prospect, but what you have to do in the apocalypse!

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Just a warning to all of you who read the Todd and other Substacks, I have been starting to get emails that appear to be from various Substack sites that I follow saying they are responding to my comments.

Here's a few examples:

Good Citizen’s replied to your comment on 101 Steps to Enslave Humanity (Part One: 1-56).

I bring you good tidings Let’s converse ㈩𝟏𝟕𝟖𝟔𝟔𝟑𝟐𝟑𝟓𝟐𝟕

Good Citizen’s replied to your comment on The Clickety-Clack of Bleating Hearts.

Text㈩𝟏𝟕𝟖𝟔𝟔𝟑𝟐𝟑𝟓𝟐𝟕 I've got something essential to share to you

NE -nakedemperor,substack.com replied to your comment on Where all Conspiracies Begin and End - the Banking system creating Money out of Thin Air.

I bring you good tidings Let’s converse ㈩𝟏𝟕𝟖𝟔𝟔𝟑𝟐𝟑𝟓𝟐𝟕

Since they all have the same number and similar message,

I'm sure this is some new scam, but since I don't write on Substack, I;m not sure who to report this to.

Please pass this on!!!

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Feb 4Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

Think about how much raw data has been acquired during this medical experiment to which millions/billions (?) of people gave their consent.

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Feb 3Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

As we know, the world is a complex system and there are many influences active during these past 3 years. An additional factor to consider is the United States has been in active collapse for at least 20 years now. We have many signs of a collapsing country; massive income disparity, massive government corruption, tearing social fabric, increasing suicide rates, and more people unable to get their basic needs met (food clothing and shelter). We are in the pillaging phase of a collapsing country.

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"Many people consider the vaccines were a mistake...But if this were true, why haven’t they stopped the vaccination campaigns?"


To add to that: Doctors, researchers, vaccinologists all knew this in 2021. Pfizer and all the government health agencies knew this as well. There's a narrative trying to gain traction that we are *just now* learning about the risks, but as Naomi Wolf points out, these people knew years ago.

Catherine Austin Fitts talks about a "parallel society"...a group of people (I'm guessing a few million people?) who run the world and don't follow any laws or rules that we are forced to follow. These people have no empathy for the "masses" because they truly think they exist above and outside of the masses. I'm sure there are some living in San Diego, and I may have met some (the Salk Institue and many of the biotech giants work in SD). When you meet these people they talk to you in a way that makes "condescension" seem like an inadequate term. They talk to you like someone visiting the zoo would talk to one of the caged animals.

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Feb 3Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

I used to say that the so-called elite is incompetent, but I don’t say that anymore. I think there are levels to this what is happening at the moment. They have been studying us for a long time now, they know what makes us obey and follow their madness.

The experiment of the last three years was a success, now they know for sure how gullible the majority is.

Even those of us who see through the veil of deception get caught in the “red or blue, left or right, Russia vs Ukraine” paradigm.

The operation of deception is still happening in real-time.

There is a positive thought somewhere out there--psychopaths make mistakes. They don’t fully understand human nature and eventually, they make mistakes and those mistakes eventually will take them down. Sad part is that while we are in this madness we will lose innocent people.

I am hopeful but I don’t think I will see the “golden age” of human potential.

The Hindu Goddess Kali has a lot of work to do before she can retreat back to her realm.

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I think this democide is performed through death by a thousand cuts - and started right at the outset with the first plandemic measures:

- anyone sick requested to stay home until they turned blue and then finished at the hospital with a ventilator + remdesivir;

- all the elderly either abandoned or euthanized in the care homes in spring 2020

- all the postponed operations and screenings that resulted in the demise of the non-Covid patients for lack of care;

- the suicides from depressions and bankruptcies due to the lockdowns;

- the vaxxines and their immediate or longer side effects (on both ends of the spectrum, increased mortality and decreased births);

- the apparent destruction of our food supplies as well as energy capacity (I wonder what Bill Gates intends to do with all the agricultural land he amassed- GMOs on some and nothing on the rest?); how many of us will die of cold or hunger in the coming years?

- the mutilation of the genitals of the children with the trans madness: that many that won’t reproduce or that might kill themselves when coming back to their senses and seeing the damage they did to themselves.

I might be tempted to expand it to even earlier (30 to 50 years) with the expansion of junk food (and zero education on nutrition or exercise for the population), the natural cures for cancer or other ailments that have been crushed by “the medical complex”... I’m sure you could all come up with more items to add to that crazy list.... SIGH

The idea presented by Todd of what they might intend to do to/with us is truly the very deepest and darkest point of this rabbit hole so far. I hadn’t gone that far. But isn’t it what they’re doing in China already? So it’s sadly a reasonable hypothesis...

I left Kanada for Mexico in the fall of 2021 (before being prisoner in my adopted country) and got vaccinated with the Sinovac there (although totally useless, it was at least a “real” vaccine that I was willing to risk - while having over the counter Ivermectin to help my immune system) so that I could come back and sure to go home (France - another nightmare) last summer. So I wonder what that makes me to the masters. Not mRNA but not pure blood either.

In any case I have always considered myself like one of you - and I will never have another vaccine nor vaxxine in my life, for sure!

Thankful to have this space for exchange of thoughts and soul. Merci à tous!

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well when the big 'ol comforting arm comes across your shoulder. tugging you a wee bit closer to the famous man, you might start to understand. he pours a large dose of impeccable scotch. drops in exactly 2 drops of dangerously cold ice water. he says," you have distanced yourself from the ordinary. you, we, are special. we have been watching you. would you care to come to a gathering next weekend?"

so. you are the one in ten thousand? one in one hundred thousand? that will shrug off the arm? the fame? the limitless porn movie that you see your life becoming? we are all, fallible. we past 50, should know the power of ego. i'm tempted to be more descriptive. totally unnecessary. you know what im saying.

are any of us the ones to shrug off the arm?


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There is one gap in the global genocide theory.

Mass immigration into the US or the UK, seemingly does not require the invaders to be jabbed at all.

The "elites" want us white Western devils dead, but not the poor migrants.

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Feb 2·edited Feb 2Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

I would like to hear from others who have lost a kinship with other humans. I just had lunch with my multi-vaxxed, true believer best friend of forty years. I am glad my husband was with us because I don't think he would believe me if I described how she now treats me. She was impatient, irritated and critical of everything she used to value about me - an inquiring mind, a skeptic who questions things in order to learn, someone who investigates alternative health, etc. Her smugness and disapproval of practically everything about me, left me feeling completely invalidated. She is not the same person. Does the vaccine destroy the soul? My mind is spinning with these massive changes in her behaviour. I wonder if at some deep level she might be afraid that I am right about everything that is happening in the world. Is my situation unusual or commonplace? I guess the only upside is if she dies from her recent heart health issues, I won't be as devastated as I would have been when we were close.

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who said "the death of one is a tragedy and the deaths of many is a statistic?" I'm still uncertain about the vax versus covid itself for all the mayhem. Maybe I just don't want to see it.

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Good morning Doctor! Excellently summarized on the motivations for the vaxx campaign. After all, what plague is so deadly it needs massive propaganda 24/7 to keep people afraid of it and off balance from fear and bystander apathy to keep them from critically thinking. What vaccine is so effective you face the loss of your economic ability to live your life and work if you don’t obey a mandate. My own family members would sharply disagree with what you wrote, and it have a statement that unfortunately ends their emotional opinions. I ask them just because you don’t like what is said, it’s it wrong and why? I want to keep

Talking and don’t snap out such a statement but keep an open body posture and a low voice.....still can’t keep the dialogue going though...

Personally I think Google is a big tech propaganda platform. If you look to another search engine, Brave, Presearch, even duck duck go I (again personally) would strongly recommend looking for Dr. Joeseph Mercola, He has a recently updated article over which supplements to use to detox from Mrna. Using NAC, zinc and a number of others. I was ignorant and got the johnson and Johnson, had health issues, but it’s been over a year and a half and now feel just fine, I credit the recovery from the article, and regular cardio to increase blood flow, cellular turn over and such.

Please keep writing!!!

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Dr. Todd, you will enjoy fellow substacker Jan Wellmanns article posted on his substack "Coherent" "The Five Percent Riddle: Are They Destined To Save The World?" it is right up your alley, and it makes perfect sense.

Jan Wellmann theorizes that the purpose of the current onslaught of chaos and medical tyranny may not be to completely carry out democide but to locate the Shrews so that we can be picked off in order for the real democide to be rolled out unhindered.

Jan calls us Shrews the “Fivers” because we represent approximately 5% of the population. We are the true enemies of the New World Order, therefor we are the critical group that they need to eliminate if they are going to succeed. I think this is a logical piece of the puzzle. Enjoy!

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I knew someone who began his working life on long term unemployment benefit to then become incredibly wealthy. When speaking of a handy man working on his estate he said ‘what does he matter? I can buy loads of men like him’

That’s how these Globalist Uber mensche Bankster types think. As individuals and even as a society, what does it matter? They can buy more of us (3rd world open borders?).

Same sentiment mirrored in Sir Clarke health secretary in UK knowingly buying contaminated blood products about those infected.

And they think we are breathing and eating and using up THEIR resources. It’s both a psychopathic and sociopathic viewpoint.

Gallingly they hide behind Philanthropy. I guess they are helping - THEIR OWN KIND. Not Human Kind.

PS their kind are prob other Luciferians.

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