Miracle Jab

We must realize that the vaccinated don’t give a rat’s ass that the jabs don’t PREVENT Covid, or PREVENT transmission, all they care about is that those who are jabbed avoid serious disease and death. They chalk up the “safe and effective” mantra we heard non stop for a year just an honest mistake “how would they really know that, they were just trying to help us, it was an honest mistake, at least Covid isn’t killing us.”

How will this view change? Only if, as according to Dr. Vander Bossche, many more people WHO ARE VACCINATED die, or get seriously ill, leaving the unvaxxed mysteriously unharmed. Of course I am sure the sheep will backtrack a few more steps and say something like, “well, at least EVERYONE vaxxed isn’t dying”

We should look at these strange cases, like the Bourla case, and the Biden case, and the Fauci case (among only a few) more from the perspective of, “why did these people get vaccinated at all? They obviously are “in on this ruse” why would they inject themselves with this killer vaccine?” the answer to that question, in my humble opinion, is that they never actually got vaxxed. Why say they did and then admit they have Covid? Well, that is a bit of a brain twister…most likely they didn’t even have Covid…if they didn’t get the vax, most likely their symptoms would be so mild they easily could have hidden it…maybe it is just another attempt to get people vaxxed…”see, I got vaxxed, I got Covid, and I lived…and it wasn’t so bad, so you HAVE to get jabbed so you don’t DIE….I did…and it worked.”

Any other thoughts?

There certainly are officials and medical ministers that buy into the agenda’s bullshit and DID get vaccinated (Israeli’s Covid Vaccine Director for one). And maybe people like Biden, Fauci, and Bourla can be included in this naive bunch…but that isn’t very plausible. But who knows. Send in the clowns.

This is a discussion thread, so please join in and voice your opinion…did these “higher ups” really get vaccinated? Did they really get Covid? What do you think the agenda is that is playing out in these cases?