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...the thoughts occurr... the significance of the choice and objective, the fig leaf, artificial light...Lucifer and light...'even the devil comes dressed as an Angel of light...' then, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar," or " "Ceci n'est pas une pipe," and, it may be artifice and artificial light, does that mean it's artificial fruit? Have I chosen to burry my head and be mislead, seduced by a tree whose "fruit" is a self-pollinating, inverted flower?

I do not know.

Why do I even wonder, I wonder...

Thanks again, Todd!

You always cause a welcome, reactive, introspective self-examination!

Looking forward to more...


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No, not dense, not at all. Quite the contrary.

You wrote a piece not long ago about the middle east conflict, I mentioned something about turning my attention to things like indoor gardening under LED's (rather than arguing).

I set up an indoor garden and light lab!

However, it occurred to me that fig leaves could be said be be an underlying theme of willful coverup and self-deception.

However, in my case, practically speaking, I decided to pass along the info as part of my decision of turning to positive -- unrelated to horror and terror -- action, and the demonstrable fact that I had taken myself up on my own advice!

I will send you a copy of the Triumphant Fig Leaf Unfurling!

(My apologies, spell checker is turned off on this device...)

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I recently learned about Mort Sahl, one of the greatest, but somewhat forgotten standup comedians, who also aided Jim Garrison in his JFK investigations https://rumble.com/vonnsd-mort-sahl-the-comic-vs-the-cia.html

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Me, I was five.

It haunted me, too, all my life, until, one day, it dawned on me: he never knew what hit him.

I felt relief, at the thought, for the first time in my life since seeing Oswald murdered live on TV indelibly impressed, even more deeply, the lawless horror, upon my malleable mind -- well, we didn't actually see it, I mean, my brother, dad and I were sitting, looking down at the Toronto Star, spread out on the floor, with the TV on on a shelf on the wall, when the panicked "Oswald's been shot!," instantly drew our eyes to the screen only to witness the football-match like "instant replay," about half a dozen times, which caused my dad and brother to chuckle, nervously, at the crassness of it all, and me to begin to question what kind of world I was living in.

The question has never ceased to puzzle me, and, despite my own "relief" at the thought that Kennedy never knew what hit him, I never lost interest in reading everything that came to light that might help clarify the events, until now.

Now, I don't.


Now, it's LED's and attempting to raise an indoor Violette de Bordeaux fig tree.

Let me tell you, I wish I could show you, about the perfect, truiuphant leaf, unfurling from the tip-top of the now about 2½ foot tall miracle, about the dozens of leaves popping off vigorously from top to bottom, both branches, everywhere, after three weeks acclimated indoors since November 1st.

Violette de Bordeaux are self-pollinating.

LED's have made leaps in efficiency and economy.

3 x 24 watt "bulbs" provide the equivalence of 3 x 300 watts incandescent, nearly a kilowatt, while consuming only 72 watts.

And there's plenty of excess light spilling from that intense pool that I will try my best not to waste!

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Yeah, well you have to read Mark Shaw’s books regarding the definite link between 1962 Marilyn death, 1963 JFK, and then in 1965 Dorothy Kilgallen. Plus Geoffrey Shaw (no relation) wrote convincingly on the CIA assassination of Vietnam’s beloved Catholic President Diem in 1963--with 3 weeks later JFK dead in Dallas.

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Aaand the old joke…

Q-How can you tell when a politician is lying?

A-His lips are moving.

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The older I get the more I believe that everything they tell us is indeed a lie. Linking tomorrow @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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You know the honest politicians because they are the ones who are dead.

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Did you know that Bush Sr’s father was involved in a plot to overthrow FDR? Businessmen and bankers determined to stop the public assistance. But the government was so embarrassed that they got so close to pulling it off that they covered it up and let them go

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I was sitting in the classroom. 2nd grade. The phone rang and the teacher answered and then stopped the lesson. Then the principal came over the loudspeaker and said that the president had been killed. The teacher started crying. I wasn’t used to adults crying-they were always in control-and it scared me to see her cry. Like you said-burned in my memory.

But we believed what we were told.

As an adult, I realized many stories didn’t make sense. And leaders in other countries who didn’t agree with this country seemed to die mysteriously. And the people running this country seemed to do whatever they wanted and weren’t held to account. I watched and wondered. It wasn’t necessary to believe anything they said. You can get through life pretty well ignoring politicians. And if you assume everything is a scam, you’re not as surprised when the narrative changes or disappears as if it never happened.

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People that believe these lies nearly always use only the lying media as their source. They are addicted to a TV set as their saving drug.

I have recently seen 2 videos showing that NO planes hit the towers. The first shows how they did it and mistakes that expose it. The TV and Internet ran with it and everyone thought they witnessed it happening. We all seen these videos! The second shows the tower exploding with no airplane.

While it is true that those videos could also be hoaxed, pilots have came forward stating that the planes were stripped and converted to cargo planes that they personally later flew.

Synchronicity abounds in this world and while on vacation in Mexico in 2006, I met the architect that designed the steel 1/4 inch thick heavily corrugated jackets of these towers. He believed it was an implosion.

Looking at a picture of depth of these corrugations should convince even crazy Joe that a thin aluminum airplane would fall to the streets but only an undamaged terrorists passport was laying there.

No way in hell can a plane go through the Pentagon's thick concrete walls and not leave engines and wings laying there.

As for Kennedy's assassination that bullet made some interesting directional turns.

Bobby Kennedy had powder burns behind his ear according to the book, "Cause Of Death" written by a forensic doctor. Annnnd WHO was the woman in that polka dot dress? Some very sloppy security on this job!

Of ALL of these however, the COVID hoax and vaccine assassination of billions, (Give it time) was the utmost in evil. Only the saline injected assassins and their closest allies and family that claimed injection and it's benevolent promotion will escape other than those of us who don't eat BS!

From what I have read, the "Titanic" was an insurance fraud scheme serving the dual purpose of getting rid of 3 men opposed to the World Bank.

The plane that exploded over Scotland was for the assassination of CIA, coming to testify about other CIA involved in drugs.

Another great Read is the book, "Clinton, Bush And The CIA Compromised" By CIA agent Terry Reed written with the help of John Cummings. The MSM blocked giving it any credit and made Reed out to be a liar.

The liars abound and they are all tied to the destruction of liberty mostly for the gain of power and money. Warmongering is a big and great business except for the peasants that provide the cannon fodder.

At the time, police arrested Mossad agents in a van intent on blowing up a NY bridge.

I am convinced this whole escapade was to escalate and promote a middle East war by the Bush crime family.

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Only in America, it takes 60 years to figure this out.

Same with the fraud of shots... For so long people ate the bullshit happily.

A big f u to all the people who gaslit us for having honest doubts about key issues.

George Carlin was right, it's called the American dream because you gotta be asleep to believe it.

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The Bush Crime Family dynasty. As long as it survives the JFK assassination files will never be released. Patriarch Prescott Bush, his long business banking partnership with the Rockefeller's that included being Hitler's Banker during...during WWII. His business and legal partnership with Allan Dulles, OIS/CIA top official. Son George HW Bush in leadership at the Ft Worth CIA office on scene at the same time JFK's brains were blown out...after promising to destroy the CIA. Gerald Ford, the Warren Commission's top investigator, the only completely unelected POTUS ever, who appointed a Rockefeller his VP and who appointed GHWB his CIA Director. Groomed to become president, only temporarily derailed by Reagan's unexpected 1980 GOP primary victory. Who's New World Order Fascist speech drawn from Hitler's era ringing through organizations with origins linked to Bush's tenure as UN Ambassador under Nixon, like Klaus Schwab's WEF. His son, George W Bush's hands on the 9-11 attack, ensuing imposition of a surveillance state and electronic hackable voting systems after the 2000 recount. And the Cheney's who have been the political muscle enforcers and forever war/surveillance profiteers for the Bush Family Crime Syndicate for decades. (Explains Liz/Dick's hatred of all things MAGA).

No. The JFK truth files will not come out until the Bush Crime Family Syndicate is dead, or in prison. Like national traitors belong. One day the Bush name will be pictured next to "American Traitor" in encyclopedia's instead of Benedict Arnold's.

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Every word you wrote could have been written by me (if I was an articulate writer, which I am not!) as to my evolution from skeptic to disbeliever.

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Re the moon landing I have no idea if it happened or not, only that some of the footage purporting to show it is certainly fake. And given the propaganda stakes at the time, and the Hollywood capability, the US would've been reckless not to have bogus footage in the can "just in case". This feels a good line between what I can genuinely establish and what I might speculate.

Interesting you concluded with "trust your gut". I'm guessing you've seen Tucker's recent vid where this is a central message. I've circulated that vid far and wide.. a well articulated message at just the right time.

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