Have we landed on the moon yet?

We can be certain of one thing.

Some power wants us to be distracted from what we must do to live a good life. Very soon they will sell tickets to Mars and while we will all pine away on our human farm, we can gather around the propaganda machine to hear stories of those who made it to Mars.

Humans will sell their sovereignty, their children, and their own souls, for a feel-good story about a life where there is no sickness, no hunger, and no death.

Every word from Elon musk, including the proposition of living on Mars, is nothing but a distraction.

Like every Pied Piper, Elon has a tune that is compelling.

"The world is on the brink of population collapse." He is probably right about that one.

All but a handful of our tribes have gone extinct. We have lost our cultures and our way of life. No one ever talks about the fact that Earth was once a menagerie of beautiful skin tones, eye colors hair colors and cultures that are fading away.

We are being farmed into smaller and smaller spaces with the lie that the world is overpopulated and humans are destroying it by eating farting-livestock and burning petroleum.

We are worshipping the God of peer-reviewed-science. No one actually knows how much faith and phantasy are required to create peer-reviewed-science, that kind of wisdom must be left to the "experts."

We are proud of our obedience to our eugenics overlords and we are very happy to wear stickers on our shirts to signal this virtue. We proudly allow our children to be injected with heavy metals and unknown toxins in exchange for the lie that they will be spared death from rash and a short fever. We commonly brag to friends and family about dutifully taking our well babies for poison injections.

We are grateful to drink our own chemical laden sewage. Never mind that the Earth continually makes clean fresh water and there are enough natural springs on Earth for us to all drink living water every day of our lives.

We have no idea if it's possible to land on the moon but we have heard amazing stories about it, we even saw video, and we stood in parades and gave out metals so it must have happened.

We have lost contact with our instincts, our reason, and our own souls.

Now let’s get in a big circle-jerk and talk about living on Mars while our overlords "look after" us.

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Re-listening: T.H. you made a wonderful observation about 'discipline' and avoiding the pitfall of desire for immediate gratification in all endeavors. That's another 'nutshell' in the whole nut tree!

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What jerm was saying isn't to do more...

It was that many people listen to the information, but they sit on the fence and don't apply it to their lives.

It's like someone who knows bread and pasta can mess them up continue to eat it.

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Jul 4Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

Always great to hear you in conversation, T.H.

Alan Watts said a truly ‘hip’ soul can both play the game and not play the game. I am trying to find that ‘hipness’ (balance)!

Re: ‘connecting with Nature’. In the city or in the suburbs it is not necessary to plan and implement a physical get-away to another geographic place to connect. It could be in back yard, or in a vacant lot of weeds. Nature is everywhere. It may not be spectacular in the sense of Niagra Falls, or the Grand Canyon, or the African veldt, etc. But it is just as vital. And wherever you go, there you are — everywhere is what we bring to it!

When I lived and worked in high-rises in downtown Chicago, I would take my lunch (weather permitting) out of doors. I would find a spot under a tree on some grass and sit. Feel the sun. Watch the sparrows, pigeons, insects, look at the clouds, touch the leaves. It helped me cope with the crush of urban life while I was in it. A few years later, before we moved to the forest, my late husband and I lived in a near NW neighborhood of Chicago — we walked around as often as we could. After a rainstorm I witnessed multiple colonies of some ant species engaging in ‘nuptial’ activity — winged queens and drones crawling out of cracks in the sidewalk, taking flight to breed and begin new colonies. Then I saw dragonflies catching and eating flying ants. THEN I witnessed a Sparrow Hawk catching dragonflies. I pointed this out to my husband and we were rapt. I suppose some might find it brutal, but to me it was beautiful. Alas, I would wager a hefty bet that none of my neighbors noticed much of anything...except maybe ("EWW!") the flying ants...if they even recognized them as ants.

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