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I enjoy Jeremy’s podcast. In fact, after I fully woke up and was facing that onslaught of “well what else is wrong that I thought I believed?” I saw a podcast of Jerm’s pop up which I didn’t like the title of and I said “I don’t like that idea, I’m going to watch it!” It was so great. And after listening to it the podcast there were so many things I agreed with, and a few I continued with disagree with, and it was a great moment for me. Which, I realize, is just critical thinking. Which I’ve always been able to do when it came to theological or medical things, but it was social aspects that I realized I wasn’t doing that well (or, rather, I was passive about it, and realized one can’t be passive/apathetic in a current, because the current is only going one way).

I was wondering if you even do virtual counseling sessions? I know it’s a terrible trend, but it would just be so great to be able to talk through some of these current events with like-minded professional who are also experiencing similar circumstances. I meet with many people regularly, but the professional aspect is missing and so difficult to find.

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