Now I like you even more...


After the last few days, it's so nice to hear people agree on something!


Aw, thank you Doc. You're pretty incredible too!

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Jerm's correct. It's a philosophy.

Glad he caught you on that, Doc. ;-)

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Okay...now for some semi-intelligent comments on the convo.

Democracy for 300mil.

It's why we have states and each of those states have their own constitutions. At least, it used to be why. The federales were NEVER EVER supposed to have this "mass control" apparatus over us all. Politics should be local, and used to be local. What DC was doing didn't have much of a bearing on our lives, back in the day. But now, due to gubment doing what gubment does (meaning grow beyond all bounds and bloat like a dead whale) they're determined to shoehorn us into their vision and beat us when we balk.

I feel like a mule, and will take some of that anarchy, yes sir. Please, and thank you!

I never, ever thought I'd label myself an anarchist. But then, I never thought my gubment would get so darn stinky.

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The Lagoon is BAAAACK.

Are you wearing a grass skirt?

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How did I miss this?

Well, I been busy. Roasting peanuts, in fact and making peanut butter from raw peanuts has been a fun, new skill to learn. LOL! It's not hard, but to get it to taste good, there are thing's you gotta do.

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Jan 23Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

Big fan of Jeremy. Great interview as always.

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