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What's the difference between the state running everything for example the USSR and the oligarchs running everything in the case of the USA?

In both cases, the working class has no power nor any democracy.

Voting in a representative democracy is no different than what those in the USSR voted for.

The difference is that those in the USSR knew their leaders were corrupt, while we have a false dichotomy of left vs right. Keep in mind that the right pretends to be against the great reset wef shit but they support corporate rights which enforces that shit.

Direct democracy is the way and we have the tech to do this.

Individual altruism is how we got the Rockefellers and people like Bill Gates who pay little taxes to gain power. What's better, wealthy giving charity or the state doing it? At least when the state does it, there are less conflicts of interest. If we could only get rid of the fked up loopholes that the wealthy use to dodge taxes...

BTW, since you're in Canada, do you understand how no matter how crappy your national health insurance system is, it's still much better than the private health insurance that the US has to deal with? We have wait lists too but the bonus of facing bankruptcy, even with insurance! Isn't that so freeing? 🤡 I guess Ayn Rand would be happy with how many people use gofundme to help pay their bills, haha. Did you know she was on welfare herself? I guess Atlas Shrugged lol.

Some claim that national healthcare is worse when it came to COVID. Haha, nope. Private systems were worse in that they incentivized a positive COVID test and shit toxic drugs like remdesevir and dangerous ventilators. Why? Because the hospital needs to make money. No different than socialized medicine when it came to the con-vid hooplah.

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I enjoyed the show. I didn’t get to see you dress up tho. I still listen to podcasts old school, audio only 😎

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