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The number of umans that do want to live forever is very limited... It includes the Secular Ruling Families members and the Billionaires and Millionaires. All the rest don't even dream about that!

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T.H. I have long been thinking of reading Spinoza, but I don't know where to begin. Can you make a recommendation? And more thanks for more truly well-fleshed perspectives. We have been entrained to reject and kill ourselves -- to fight against the environments that nourish us, the bodies that support us, and the spirit wisdom that guides us!

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Last year I came across this old speech by Russell Means he delivered in 1980 that I had never heard or read before:

"“I Am Not a Leader”: Russell Means

1980 Mother Jones Cover Story


It made me rethink how I've thought of Russell Means, what he stood for. Compared to what I was told to believe he stood for. By both those who supported him and those who opposed him. He has some profound insights he shares that were prophetic. He goes into great detail how disconnected the European mind is from nature, the natural peoples. How our science is built upon an absurd understanding of the natural world, how we overvalue our intelligence and reasoning, use fancy words to trick ourselves into thinking we're smarter than we are, and that we are in control of the natural world, which we are not.

It's a very long speech. But well worth reading in its entirety. I pulled some lengthy excerpts for my treatment of it in my Stack last year. By no means are the excerpts the only important and valuable sections of it, just picked and chose ones that spoke loudest to me and put it in context to other related subjects of our times:


I think any fair reader of Russell Means, even those, like me, who thought poorly of him before, will find his insights valuable and enlightening. And showcase how much we have in common with one another when we hear each other's true voices, unfiltered by authorities and sources with agendas to divide us.

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Great read,Todd. One of your better ones and there are quite a few. They tell us to ignore the real killers as you say and that is precisely why we should continue not to! Linking today @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

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I've been noticing that even among many of the not-sheep, they're gobbling up the mythology of the tech in the medical system.

They believed there was an engineered virus, despite the fact that total deaths in 2020 were similar to previous years, despite the pandemic. Denis Rancourt clearly showed this and total deaths only went up after the jabs came out. So what engineered virus?!?

They gobble up the scary bogeyman stories of how HIV inserts were used in some vaccines, causing AIDS type side effects, despite the fact that AIDS was caused by toxic drugs. Same with the jabs... https://rumble.com/v2wng7s-murder-by-medicine-with-celia-farber.html

I find this an equal disconnection from nature as those that trusted "the science" and went along with the jabs. Why? Because both sides ignore the facts of reality in favor of mythology.

I also see this transhumanist push as another myth. Neuroscience has repeatedly showed that each one of our brains store things differently, based on our past experience. Like nature, our brains develop differently based on differing conditions. They'll never be able to read our memories and thoughts, but somehow we believe the snake oil salesmen with their vaporware, much like this mRNA fiasco.

Connecting to nature is liberating, because I know that despite whatever powers the "gods" of science claim, they're constantly hitting brick walls in their implementation of things.

Like the wizard of oz, their only power is the microphone to convince us that we're going to be eventually under the control of biotech, because none of it worked and still doesn't work.

And that's why, like the AIDS crisis, they resorted to poisoning people and blaming the sicknesses on the made up virus. The myth of viruses pretends to come from nature, but it's the invention of a medical system that purposely ignores toxins in order to keep us afraid of nature. Scientism, like any state religion, benefits from keeping people afraid of nature by promoting "dangerous entities" such as viruses.


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