Your feelings are shared with many, I think. I’ve had this discussion many times at home and heard a confession from a colleague—a kind, wise, and loving family man—- that he at times wished to see some vaccine injuries among his workplace associates.

I quickly thought of a few personal events that brought these feelings forward for myself and created the drift into these ‘sick’ thoughts:

1. Maybe the fact that neighbours who have never given you the time of day before asked about a year ago whether you had the vax yet?

2. Or perhaps, you cringed at the lunchroom masked chatter revolving around the merits of which ‘brand’ of vaccine you were signing up for?

3. Maybe the ‘sad’ look given to you last fall when you shared with a vaccinated colleague that you were not allowed to enter the rec. centre where you played hockey with friends for the previous quarter century?

4. Or even the fact you still cannot travel to see relatives in far-flung parts of the country—-even if they may not want to see you anymore—- because you have not complied?

5. But, no, probably because you saw from 2020 that something fundamental was changing in society and many people just put their heads in the sand and continue to do so. You want them to “Wake-up!!”

So, yes, the vultures are circling for a reason——- and you are not alone.

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Schadenfreude is the German term which translates to "pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune". I don't think I derive any "pleasure" when I realise that a person's death is directly attributable to getting jabbed unless said person had been aggressively pushing the poison on others.

And as to providing proof to the sleeping sheep, the media has gotten quite adept at coming up with explanations that they can swallow so it's not like they ever even make the connection. Or they just hide it and ignore it and hope people forget about it. And the sheep have very short attention spans and plenty of shiny things to distract them.

So if the deaths and serious injuries start to pile up, and if someone high up starts pressing for answers, there is a chance that change might slowly come about. Until then, it still stays as yet another thing the shrews think is obvious and the sheep blindly ignore.

Sorry to be so glass half empty Todd. Just got back from a family Easter gathering where I was the lone pariah and I was largely left on my own throughout the day. No one wanted to talk to me. The kids were warned to stay away from me. No hugs. I simply was the chauffeur who drove my wife to their house today. I did listen to some of their thoughts on the state of the world after dinner and it really depressed me to hear that people still can be this blind and ignorant. They watch the news every morning and then again in the evening hoping that things will have changed. And they will keep doing that until that ole bitter end. It reminded me of this lyric from the Pink Floyd song "Waiting for the worms" from The Wall

"Ooooh You cannot reach me now

Ooooh No matter how you try

Goodbye cruel world it's over

Walk on by"

Thanks for yet another thought provoking piece, Todd.

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Share your same intense interest in hearing of illness and death - with an almost "ah ha!" feeling - NOW DO YOU GET IT? Then I tone myself down and realize elderly people DID get strokes and heart attacks BEFORE the jab... so realize my conclusions ARE very biased. I even find myself HOPING those who vehemently defend the jab will experience some serious adverse effect, so they will finally get how harmful it is. Of course, generally I keep all these feelings to myself - only sharing now as I appreciate your candidness and want to let you know you are not the only one thinking this way and agree we definitely ARE in extenuating times!

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