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The much maligned investigative journalist, Jon Rappoport, described the non-curious public as the ‘pod people.’ Thus your excellent article reminded me of him. He was one of the first to spot the covid con having thoroughly investigated the AIDS con decades before and was, therefore, familiar with the deployment of tricks and callousness. I offer below his latest blog which, I’m sad to say, is even more depressing than usual but, regrettably, probably accurate. However, we must be aware in order to take evasive action! (P.S. I remember the Leonard Nimoy film – it frightened the life out of me!)


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"I prefer the company of peasants because they have not been educated sufficiently to reason incorrectly." - Michel de Montaigne


"I quote others only in order the better to express myself." - Michel de Montaigne

Todd, I love your book reviews. I just bought Player Piano (I am a huge Vonnegut fan) and I will definitely buy Invasion. It describes most of the people I know who took the poison death jab.

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They lost the ability to feel and show real emotions. Especially those considered our ‘raw’ ones. Happy Anger Sad Repulsion. Even when trying to hide one’s feelings, the eyes show it.

Another tell tale sign of grief and extreme sadness is the mouth. It’s like a grimace or upside down smile. I see it when Wolfe, Yeadon and Bhakdi speak about what’s going on.

Watch the faces. Not all the ‘so-called’ leaders show such raw emotions. More like pasted on false fronts.

Point 1: Antidepressants remove all extremes of emotions. And with depression and suicidal ideation increasing exponentially since March 2020, prescribing for all. ?

Patients prescribed are numbed into the narrowest band of feelings. It’s like totally removing the NORMAL roller coasters of our emotional lives.

Point 2: if the mRNA does what it says on the MSM, then every cell has been taken over. They’re now GMO. No longer human. The PEG encapsulation passes through the blood brain barrier. So brains are also changed.

Many anecdotal accounts of people finding the GMO humans not themselves anymore. Others have said they can no longer Pray as if the god gene has been removed.

Btw I worry for us all here. Plans are afoot for multi jab jabs and they’ll need SMART tech to keep up with who’s had what. ‘Undervaxxed’ new ICD-10 coding.

See Astrid Stuckleberg (sp), Kingston. Martin - alien (not bio/human) tech being inserted. Cole and Malone disagree.

As for my experience: I’m the only undone at my village church. I can’t feel G*d in there with me anymore. I can’t connect with them. It’s like they’re not the same people. Could be after traumitzation, similar numbing. But not had same experience with undone.

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