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I do believe in one’s right to own a gun. But like so many, I do not believe the weapons which can kill many in a short amount of time should be sold to the general public…certainly not a teen-anger. I do see statistics from around the world and we are the only country where so many group shootings occur. Is this true?

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Good afternoon Doctor, and thank you for your Substack.

A very complex subject. First, my opinion is mine and open to change from fact based information (not emotional opinion or virtue signaling). I’m a line PD officer of 31 years and my growing up with guns was for hunting, recreational target practice, and dad would let me near one until I completed a NRA safety course. Guns have been around for centuries in this nation, and have been a part of this Republic through the 2nd amendment created as part of a check and balance system (electoral college, 10th amendment). They have been used for crimes yes, by criminals, and used for suicide, and in the heat of emotion or drug intoxication. I have seen this. If people didn’t access guns they would use knives or something else.

So much has changed though, guns are still here but where the “mandatory” training gone? Emotions and drugs? There are so many drugs now that make the drug of alcohol look tame. Emotional issues. We (cops) use the term Social Media Sickness for the problems caused by on line encouragement or the need for attention from a group of followers. Entertainment for kids, I remember how disturbing watching kids playing Grand Theft Auto was...and how old is that game? The disturbing part was the utter absence of any kind of value, or consequences to actions. I still refer to Col. Grossman’s book “stop teaching our kids to kill”. For any parent to say “ it’s only some weed”...I can’t encourage enough reading Alex Berenson “ tell you children the truth about marijuana”. Parent don’t seem to get all weed is not created equal and psychosis is a thing...I’ve seen it.

I’m not coming up with solutions, no one person or one group can (but some will try to sell you one though due to an ulterior motive). Except this one idea , I will listen to you and pay close attention too and care about what you say (promise) even if I don’t agree with it. One rule, any criticism is supposed to be kindly instructive and not attacking destructive. I will do that because that is You talking. If you do the same then it is “we” talking, add some

More folks then it is “us” talking with the sole goal of listening and understanding. Build the foundation and make it strong, then go from there. These mass shooting are a new horrible plague and need a new from the ground up solution.

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