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I listened to your last interview on Jerm Warfare. (You’ve done 2 or 3? Very good) You were talking about his idea that everyone should challenge himself every now and then with something new and uncomfortable to remind us that the way we live is not based in reality. Most of us live in a protected bubble.

So the idea that a good portion of the population went along with the crazy restrictions because they were bored out of their minds and it was exciting to have an invisible enemy and a way to fight against it, makes sense. (Was that your idea? I can’t remember. I read many articles)

As for the topic of this discussion-I believe that mankind sees what they want to see in the physical world. You stated, “since we now know everything about nature from a materialist point of view” which is the view of science that most people have. Because we were taught things as fact, we think they are. But new information is constantly disproving things that were “known” to be true and unalterable and replacing them with the new true and unalterable “facts” of scientific knowledge. And more often than not these days, the new information leads toward the reality of intelligent design. So paying attention to what’s real leads you to God. As you said, God becomes more real.

When my younger daughter was about 6, she drew a picture of God on the chalkboard. I was shocked. I had never had a picture of him in my mind. He was energy and light and power with human features, which I couldn’t comprehend, but my little girl had a picture in her mind and gave him to me. It was like a face with energy radiating from it like the sun. Amazing. So my view of God as the source of wisdom and morality and TRUTH (and, yes, of rules) has had a face since then.

I agree with the picture you painted of the evil forces in the world using fear to control. Thinking back to your question about falling in love, there’s the element of fear in that too, because many people are afraid that love doesn’t exist and they don’t want to find that out. I think people are afraid that they’ll find out there is nothing but matter-no love, no “breath of life” bestowed by a loving God, nothing but what they see. And if this is all there is? No wonder they want more and more “things” to give them security. Which goes back to the matter of needing to control everything around you, which is what feeds the evil in people.

There’s a song I like that contains these lyrics:

Take what you see

Of what's left of me

You know where I've been

And I don't want to go there again

You're beautiful

You're confusing

You're illogical

You're amazing

And I've seen the world

It's overrated

Until you're everything

I have nothing

But empty space

I think they can apply to my understanding of God.

(And, no, I don’t think God is illogical)

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Goethe said something to the effect of 'the average man on the street would't recognize the devil if it grabbed him by the throat." I think this is because most of us have made the gigantic mistake of deciding that the devil is just some kind of metaphor. But this has been noticeable changing since Covid. People are waking up.

Rudolf Steiner, in a series of lectures, said that there are actually two devils. One is named Lucifer, and the other Ahriman. Both are absolutely and concretely real. Lucifer wants to draw us up into an airy fairy disconnected spiritualism. Ahriman wants to suck us down into a totally dead and soulless materialism. The truth is that we need both Ahrimanic and Luciferic forces to be complete humans, but if we go too far in either direction, we will destroy ourselves. Christ is the balancer. Through the power of Christ we can balance these opposing forces and raise ourselves up to the level that God intends for us. That is why it is literally true that salvation is through Christ, but maybe not in quite the way we had thought.

The lecture series has been collected and published in a book called 'The Incarnation of Ahriman' by Rudolf Steiner Press.

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Great post Todd. I was not brought up in church but was brought up in a home that held Christian values in high regard. I began reading the Bible around 1973 and married the legendary preachers daughter in 1977. That is when my indoctrination into church life began in earnest. I had several impactful experiences that I belive were Holy Spirit driven in the years to come. Over the past few years I have been "deep diving" and learing about the history of the church and the various denominations. Most recently I left the corporate church and folks are upset with me. I haven't "fallen away" but am closer to the Godhead and more at peace than I ever have been. The modern church has for the most part become a Sunday morning social feel good gathering where you are treated to coffee, donuts, a rock concert, and feel good preaching. The focus is on I or Me vs. the Godhead and that is where it is lacking. I started studying books and articles about the Reformation, Calvin, etc. and found solace there. For those that totally deny I'd like to suggest a book written by Douglas Axe titled Undeniable. He does a great job laying out from a scientists perspective the impossibility of evolution and the undeniable position of Intelligent Design. Regardless, the Bible remains the preemminent guide for living a purposeful life. Be well.

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Materialism, scientism, technocracy, and the naked ambition for power and control are superficial and bluntly beastly perverse and ugly. Those who take this route are like children living in unsophisticated levels of who we were made to be as human beings, far from our intended potential.

God is about relationship as represented in the trinity, the Father, the Son and the love between them, the Holy Spirit. It is about love, sacrificial at that, as Christ died for our sins so the ruler of the world, Satan, may not have possession of men's fallen souls after death.

I would rather be on the side that appreciates what is true, good and beautiful and have love as the highest of standards, than to worship the created things rather than the Creator.

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Like some of your thoughts and will be linking this as usual @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

Without going into specifics on what I agree with or disagree with, suffice it to say that I am not sure what makes a devout Christian. Is it the one wjo attends church evey Sunday? Not really, as that isn't what is meant by the "church". To me it's all a spiritual war in this world we live in, and yes it's good vs. evil. Both take many forms. You are either on one side or the other, there is no in between! As the bonehead "GW" once said. "you are either with us, or against us" , although his purpose for saying it was entirely messed up.

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Spot on, trying to convince others who believe that they are religious, fail to see the Spirituality in their beliefs. Staying focused on the Truth is so hard know for many, especially those who want to seek the Truth but are afraid of the consequences, loss of employment, family and friends. When one digs deep you begin to see the true Reality of our existence. Keep writing, soon many more will awaken and consciously we will all prevail.

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god dropped by last night. said hi to the snodog. is there anything more spiritual than a freshly skunked dog? 'unfortunately', i'm packed and heading out for some fall camping and paddling so i wont be able to enjoy the experience as much as the wife. He works in mysterious ways.........

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Todd, On another ongoing saga of us shrews, I made a decision to stop censoring myself with regard to posting information which I believe has been fully vetted by credible sources, much of this information having been publicly posted by our own alphabet agencies, but with the knowledge that those about whom I care and know will never do their own homework, need to see. My non-shrew-semi-awake, but super-passive sheep partner made mention of several of my recent “controversial”, in his opinion, posts, to which I replied that I could no longer remain silent about that which I believe could save a life or prevent future injury, especially children who cannot fend for themselves in this war. Those in our family or circle of “friends” who don’t like my posts can block or ignore me, but my hope is that, just maybe, someone will read it, if only to try and dispute me (his Harvard-educated, super-liberal teacher brother!), and in that act might actually look at the data and think for themselves. I believe this exemplifies the Christ-like manner in which we are commanded to live; with an attitude of true love and compassion for my fellowman, in providing to those with “ears to hear and eyes to see”, the truth as I can best understand and promote it, through and from my inner spirit of divine. From there it is their responsibility to accept or disprove or deny that truth at their own potential peril, just as it is with the sharing of God’s truth. Our command is to shine the light of truth on the world; to not do so, I believe, is disobeying God’s command for bringing his kingdom to earth. I am prepared to lose followers, family and friends, but firmly stand by my intentions as I know they from the purest source of love.

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Todd. I don't see the need to "apologize" or "confess". I think a lot of the controversies that people argue about "spirituality" and "religion" have more to do with semantics than conception. I suspect that most of us who believe in God agree about more things than disagree.

I also was brought up as a Christian, later experimented with and studied many other spiritual traditions, and came back to realize that I am Christian. That does not mean that I follow the dogmas of any institutionalized religion.

I have come to realize that in reality there is no difference in considering oneself "religious" or "spiritual". It has just become "unpopular" to say you are religious, so we feel more comfortable saying we are "spiritual". I checked the other day, and the definition of religion does not mean an organized institution. It is my impression that I have read that the ethymology of the word has to do with being connected to Divinity, not necessarily to belong to a church.

The same goes for the conception of "entity". I doubt that anyone today believes that God is a bearded man sitting on the clouds, or that the devil is an incarnate man-like dude with horns and a pitchfork. We recognize entities as realities, not necessarily in the physical plane, but realities indeed, capable of acting like causal agents of phenomena we observe.

In my mind, anyone who believes in a spiritual reality, believes in God, irrespective of whether they want to call it that way or not. If they want to call it something else, and say they are "spiritual" and not "religious", I have the highest respect for that.

True atheists, I believe, are convinced that the physical reality is the only reality. Eveything can be explained by mechanistic physical events occurring randomly, without the intervention of any non-physical entity or agent.

If that is what they think, they also have my respect.

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“People have since time immemorial resisted this idea of God as an authoritarian, and if put into human terms, maybe that is what God appears to be. But is electricity an authoritarian when we are bound by its “rules” and if we “disobey” those rules we could pay for that disobedience with our life?”

Perfect analogy! I’m still working your points into my own structure of belief, which as you say, is so much more that the bearded father figure on an ornate throne “in heaven”...

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You lost me with the comment on races of people. Are there so many or just one, the human race?

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