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Dr. Todd, are you familiar with the books by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.? I especially mean "Power vs. Force" and Map of Consciousness. His writings enabled me to understand the consciousness levels much more clearly. He does not talk about Humanity rising to 5D as a species along with Gaia as much of the spiritual community does, but his books and lectures are beyond wise. He passed in 2012.

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This is very deep stuff, Todd. I had to read it more than once to feel that I could make a comment - and I am still hesitant. I am glad that you synthesized (hope I am spelling that word correctly) a model of four levels into one of two (or two and a half) levels: True-Game, or maybe in-between. It seems to me that levels 1 and 2 of the "kingdoms of consciousness" model correspond to a "materialistic" world view; both seem disconected from the spiritual, and focus only on the "material reality". The difference seems to be whether the person feels like a "victim of external forces" or "I am in control". Maybe it relates to the concept of internal and external locus of control - and I know you know a LOT more about that stuff than I do. Levels 3 and 4 seem connected to some spititual reality - call it what you want. I call it God. The difference seems to be whether the conscious person "submits to the will of God" or feels like "One with God". My personal view is that the more we are able to align our (free) will with the Will of God, the closer we get to Level 4. Independent of where our consciousness is, I believe that if we are living in this plane, the result of our will should have an effect on the material plane (as above so below). Of course, we probably all thrive to be at levels 3-4, but it is easier said than done. In reality, I guess we all visit all four levels at different times.

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Todd, thanks for this! I would really love to hear / read more from you on this general topic.

It is my deep belief we need to leave the "game self" behind us in some stoic way, as it will happen anyway given how shrews/sheep are distributed numerically in the world. For that we need a solid framework (call it philosophy, religion or spirituality) and ideas / thoughts as in this article are tremendously helpful I think.

Specifically, what techniques can be employed to move between categories #2 and #3 without loosing one's mind?

The "serenity prayer" (from my point of view the only prayer needed anyway) catches this quite well:

God, grant me the serenity

To accept the things I cannot change;

Courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference.

-> how to find and keep serenity? (that would be resting in #3)

-> how to master courage? (that would be taking an active part in #2)

-> how to have wisdom? (that would be switching between #2 and #3)

Funny how it is somehow always about the same core set of ideas ...

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I wish to think I am in the second category, sometimes leaning toward the third category. But how would I know? Does the awareness that I have a sense of fear keep me in the second category?

Sometimes I catch myself that I have too much of a "spiritual pride"-- "I know better than the sheep", kind of attitude. What category does this attitude belong to?

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opened the article and saw charts. sounds of squealing brakes. oh no. some damn guru shit comin right up. but i'm wrong. i really like this idea. think i might stick them on the fridge. after reading this i realized i was in victim mode as i was eating a delicious breakfast outside, with the pups, yet muttering about the sky being white again. deep breath. the earth will survive silly ideas. at some point the beautiful blue will return. thank you.

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Fascinating article. I would definitely like to understand the Kingdoms of Consciousness in greater depth, thank you!

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Interesting way to see the dynamics at play and the drives of each category.

I too see myself as number 2, as the injustices are too wild to just forget/escape.

I feel the need to challenge the bullshit going on in the game.

The number 3 sometimes comes out when I feel like I need to surrender and just have faith that the players will stand up for themselves and wake up to the rigged game.

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Thank you for this! It resonates well with other works I’ve been reading. I find it telling that so many different cultures have, at their hearts, the same core “philosophies”, if you will. This reminds of the teachings of Don Juan, Toltec wisdom, and living in the “dream”. Good stuff.

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