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To be "Enraged" is to be engaged. Absolutely, you cannot remain in that state, but it's useful and shows you care.

It seems we are not getting our pre-2020 world back--- even with all its warts. The reference to 'mass formation psychosis' is excellent, and a little 'engagement' reveals this tactic has been used for years with no end in sight. And the latest news about a Canadian PM joining politicians and other celebrities for 'war-zone' tours instead of meaningful peace-brokering, should show us all the unfolding plan: Wars make the elites and big corporations richer--- whether they be military wars or wars on viruses. How about a side-trip to Iraq or Afghanistan, Mr. Trudeau, to see what billions of dollars has done to improve the lives of the citizens there over the past few decades? I'm getting 'pissed' now ;).

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i know the feeling all too well.

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This is timely. I just read a great article on OffG about their "method". Here is the link - https://off-guardian.org/2022/05/07/revelation-of-the-method/

I guess I'm fortunate in that a series of events in my professional life resulted in me disengaging from confrontations, or even just dialog because I knew it wasn't going to help and it was going to end up making me look bad.

I am a career IT guy. I've managed projects and teams on many critical projects. Often times I would run into problems outside of my control - other departments, vendors, changing management decisions etc. Time and again, when I tried to highlight these issues, the other areas always seemed to plead innocence and it would end up making me look like I wasn't a "team player" or I had "unrealistic expectations" and so on. So over time, I realised that it was a waste of time to try to get these people on the same page as me and I just found other ways to get around them.

So my mindset at the outset of Covid was that I didn't agree with anything, I thought people were being far too gullible and not doing their own research, and that some things I had a strong suspicion about over the years were now blatantly out in the open - like political corruption and the fact that there is no longer something formerly known as "investigative journalism".

So I knew engaging with others was pointless, and frankly dangerous as we have seen with fines, arrests and even bank accounts being frozen. And I knew from deep personal experience that getting angry about it would only harm myself. So now, it's all about avoiding toxic people and situations, connecting with like minded people, and continuing to research anything and everything to get a better lay of the land.

When we were in the midst of intense projects, working long hours, under incredible pressure and getting nothing but frustration from everywhere, we always used the same mantra - "Don't let the bastards get you down".

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I hear you, Todd. I went down the germ theory rabbit hole in 2020 and I came up denying that contagious viruses exist. I will stand by that now until the day I die. The "science" behind virus isolation (Enders 1954) is so fundamentally flawed, that virologists today (including Robert Malone)!can't see past the flaws to realize that they've never seen a virus active inside a human or animal. They have only seen it after inoculating cells from a presumably "infected" individual onto monkey kidney cells or possibly human lung cancer cells and immerse them in a culture of bovine calf serum, amphotericin and gentamicin. Only after the cell has been starved and poisoned in this nasty soup for a few days, does it start to break down and push out the toxins through the cell wall. These toxins are what they call viruses. No control experiments are used. In any other discipline of medicine, if control experiments aren't used, the "science" would be thrown out. It's beyond absurd. If two people get sick in the same household, the presumption is that one gave it to the other and they "caught it" from someone else. Nobody considers the bombardment of toxins from chemtrails, food additives, municipal water (yes, shower water too), fluoride, pesticides, synthetic clothing, the quality of our thoughts and feelings and the amount of stress in our surrounding environment. Our bodies are amazing detoxification systems. I highly recommend reading The Contagion Myth by Dr. Tom Cowan. As for Fraudci, I recommend reading The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Over 2500 citations in that book. Fauci is a soulless murdering POS. As for the mass formation psychosis, it's a very scary thought to see that the sheep have been weaponized in such a way that rational conversation has become nearly impossible, unless you're talking about fluff. I could go on but I'll stop. I'm getting angry myself now. Time to breathe and try to let go...something I seem to do multiple times a day these days.

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Those blindly trusting "the science" and claim to be all about peace and love can often be defused by me pointing out their short fused rages don't match up to what they claim. Or I can own it when the foot stomping and yelling starts by saying that "I'm at peace" "I want us to discuss this in a loving way."

It took me along time to figure this out and not get sucked into shouting matches.

For God hath not given us a spirit of fear but of power and love and of a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7

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