May 21, 2022Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

Dream tail end from earlier this week:

It was dark and raining buckets, a realistic maritime scene with a weathered wooden shed built on a wide plank dock on piers. I had set up a haphazard living arrangement in the shed. Out of that warm, dry area I walked into an unlit open-ended space with gear piled up around the walls. The rain was so heavy that only the immediate area on the dock outside was visible, the wind throwing waves across its surface. Two men in oil clothes were moving things around, giving a sense of doing something to prevent an emergency— acting with determination and making quick decisions.

The older man outside on the dock had a chair of mine he was about to heave into the sea, and I had the idea that it had something to do with their idea of ballast, which seemed odd, since we were not on a boat but on and in a solid structure which was also not moving or tipping. The wasteful action was being done without rational thought. I shouted at him to stop, but he couldn’t hear me with the wind and water. The chair was an actual folding chair I have, of no great value except its pleasant practicality.

I became extremely distressed by what he was about to do, and turned to the other man, who seemed to be paying attention, and actually, physically shouted MAKE HIM STOP! right out loud, which woke me up . Real rain was pounding on my metal roof, just for continuity, and a little disorientation to start the day…

Fear that my tender little comfort zone is about to be trashed by those who look like they know what they’re doing but really don’t and don’t think about it much either is quite true!

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Yup! Had a dream that I HAD to get the jab to fly out to BC and see my sister. But the Jab came in the form of a nose swab! I was crying profusely as they were doing it and shouting that I was going to die now! So so sad what our brains are trying so hard to process.

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Interesting topic Todd... I have had several dreams about a person who was once a good friend and has now abandoned me. Sometimes it is "like old times" - having a great time together, and another time, I was seriously rejected.

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