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Most of us are crippled by the absolute *need* to know that the people in charge are good. If Dick Cheney went on primetime news today and said, "I did 9/11," people would still hmmmm and wellll...he didn't actually *mean* he *did* it...maybe it was metaphore....

It's too uncomfortable for some people (sheep) to think that we are ruled by tyrants. So, anything to do with confronting this notion is met with the fiercest resistance. I'm sure you, Dr. Hayen, can speak volumes on this topic.

Your post reminds me of Fran Shure's 22-part series: *Why do Good People become Silent--Or Worse--about 9/11?*

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I recently went to the beach with two good friends. It was a wonderful time and felt like the pre Covid days. If it was not for me no discussion of the present situation would have happened. My friends are well read… actually previous to the trip I thought so!… but they truly had accepted the mainstream narrative without question. I am very troubled about this but also plan to make myself a pest by sending them information that they are not seeing. I must quickly add I do not consider myself the source of all truth … I just want my friends to look deeper and draw their own conclusions.

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