Full disclosure,

I just skimmed your article.

But you seem to be faithful to the quest to understand our roles in this war.

I've started to build a new hypothesis and roll it around to see if it can stand up to my presumptions.

What if the gap between the leaders and the followers continues to widen? What if this Earth is a Dojo, and some of us are here to grow and stretch ourselves and to stretch our understanding of the generous heart of God and the theory that the universe has endless abundance, while some of us are just extras in this theatre?

I know some followers, or sheep as we call them, who seem to live under perpetually sunny skies in spite of the fact that there is a grid of chemtrails overhead every day.

I don't think they will ever get it. I don't even think it will matter for them if they got the stab and proceeded to die of "natural causes" three hundred and eleven days after (which seems to be the average). https://open.substack.com/pub/stevekirsch/p/game-over-medicare-data-shows-the?r=ohen0&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

Maybe we are not here to save them. Maybe we are here to save ourselves and make our lives as close to a work of art as possible.

There seems to be some consistency in the rules of this war. For those who resist the poison and refuse to surrender their sovereignty but lift themselves into a more sovereign posture with every affront from the demons in this Dojo, there are consistent gains.

You said no to a shot for a ride on a ship; the demons in charge said, "OK, let this one Shrew past; there is plenty of loosh on the boat already." Just like that, you step out of the game that they are playing.

I keep seeing this over and over. It's as if we are playing by different rules than the followers, and we get a completely different experience. Maybe that's the whole game. Maybe we just draw our boundaries, step into our sovereignty, as jolting as it is, and get moved to the next level of this game.

For those who are terrified of sovereignty, there are other options. They can continue to bicker among themselves about how the blue overlords are better than the red overlords and vice versa. Some might spend their whole lives not claiming their sovereignty but sacrificing themselves to save the sheep instead. This is their capacity.

What if, swallow, what if we just have a different capacity than the sheep, and we cannot expect them to want sovereignty? What if we will not gain our sovereignty by dragging them along but by leaving them where they are and going on without them?

Maybe the lesson is that we all have to do this alone. We can't drag anyone with us for support. Maybe sovereignty is for the sojourners.

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Feb 27, 2023·edited Feb 27, 2023Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

Uh Oh, "Anti-vax conspiracy theorist Todd Hayen catches lyme disease, hep B and monkey pox on cruise in late March. Self-described 'shrew' has been known to spew, spread, promote and peddle anti-vax conspiracy theories, only to become a victim himself of several preventable diseases. Experts believe that had he been vaccinated, many of his maladies would not have been contracted. In addition, Edith Smith (85), the organizer of several non-profits focused on saving puppies, is in hospital with a heart condition, having seen Hayen's controversial anti-vax shirt. Said Smith, "This selfish man boarded our cruise knowingly unprotected and wore a very rude shirt. When I saw this shirt my heart started skipping a beat and here I am in hospital with myocarditis."

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'keep in mind the destruction of the Death Star just needed one crucial hit—“like bullseyeing womp rats with a T-16 back home.” We only need a Luke Skywalker to do it…or maybe just a few well-placed shrews.'

when the darkness seemed to be taking on a life of it's own i thought about this a great deal. long story short, i came to the realization that i was not luke skywalker. i was unwilling to make that sacrifice. i was afraid to be that guy. so can i expect anyone else to be that guy? i talked myself through it. justifying it. finally ending up satisfied that nobody was coming into my house god dammit! i'm not afraid! i will make a stand right here! the niggles continue....... what guy am i? i mean i had my clock cleaned playing hockey several times. being a smaller guy and a weasel'esque player it was deserved. i stood up and did my best and got the crap beat outta me. i've also never had the desire or maybe never been hungry enough to squeeze off a shot at a deer in my sights. i like venison. friends drop it off occasionally. they don't invite me deer hunting much anymore. conversely, grouse and rabbit and duck and fish are fair game. what does any of this mean? am i a coward because i'm not a hero? i guess it doesn't matter. the convoy threw a wrench into the gears for now. what happens next round? the niggling continues.........


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Without the mask of slavery there is no other visual sign of the scamdemic. Put on the mask, don't trust your own senses, don't notice the lack of bodies piling up in the streets, which would happen in a real pandemic. Social engineers know that they can change society in one generation. That's why getting the young onboard is so important. Like you say, it is completely depressing when it isn't completely maddening.

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Your survey example was priceless.

We went to a Celtic Kitchen Party fundraiser for the Amadeus Choir in Don Mills on Saturday, and several members of the choir wore masks while singing! My blood boils when I see people still wearing the face diaper. Not one functioning brain cell. What are they waiting for? What do they think of the maskless? The logic free bubble they live in is truly astonishing, considering we are living in the Information Age. Or should I say some of us - the others are living in the Age of Deceit, and they will probably Die With The Lie.

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