What’s fascinating to me is the language of “genital mutilation”. For over a decade, I’ve been part of a group of activist-mothers who have been against genital mutilation. They were typically left leaning, though not always - they were also the breastfeeding, home birthing, vaccine-rejecting, natural-healing sorts. However, 10 years ago we were talking about unnecessary circumcisions in non-consenting, newborn infants, both boys (in the US) and girls (abroad). This was actually one of my earliest forays into corrupt science and multi billion dollar industries at the expense of innocent people. (Selling foreskins for anti-aging creams; bogus HIV studies in innocent african populations manipulated from the very beginnings - honestly, has the markings of Fauci all of over it!!!). And now, NOW I’m seeing that phrase all over, not because we’re concerned about just a portion of skin, but entire reproductive organs of children! My goodness!!!

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This is a well-orchestrated marketing plan of the transhumanists to change laws around the globe to usher in transhumanism.

Denton is the largest law firm in the world. They are actively removing legal barriers around the globe to transitioning youth into a body that has the appearance of the opposite sex. This global change is important to their clients like Stryker and the Global Pharmaceutical companies.

Dentons has colluded with Thompson-Reuters, a world leading media conglomerate to develop a handbook linked here: https://gendercriticalwoman.files.wordpress.com/2020/07/iglyo_v3-1.pdf

to teach LGBQTIA wayward souls how to imbed gender identity ideology into their respective countries laws and culture. Below are the 8 Goals of The Denton Handbook. Dentons has positioned themselves as a Mentor and investor Dentons is and incredible resource to LGTBQIA activists who sell the branding messages of the pharmaceutical industry.

In the US Dentons is in every level of government and is actively persecuting states that resist this marketing plan. https://www.dentons.com/en/about-dentons/as-diverse-as-you-are/dentons-lgbt

The word sex is being replaced with the word gender. When this is done, you also remove sex based rights at the same time.

8 Goals of The Denton Handbook

1. Quick and affordable access to legal gender recognition based on the model of self-determination” (pg 16)

A swift and cheap process for gender recognition which is entirely self-determined.

2. Extending the process to minors pg 16

a. Removed parental consent to medical & social transition to the appearance of the opposite sex

b. Remove parental consent to the legal recognition of minors

3. No requirement for sterilization, surgical, medical treatment or diagnosis (for legal gender recognition (pg. 17)

4. Relationships should only be altered if favorable (pg 17)

5. Legal Gender recognition t birth (pg 17)

a. No recording of the child’s gender (sex) on their birth certificate, delay for a month or up to 18 years.

6. Recognition of a third gender (pg 17)

a. The individual legally identifies a neither male or female if they so wish e.g. non binary.

7. Gender Confirmation treatments should be available ad reimbursable (pg 18)

a. Gender confirmation treatment should be accessible, state supported or supplemented and no requirement for gender dysphoria to access these treatments.

8. Established sanctions for breaching the law on gender recognition.

a. Sanctions on those discriminate against transgender or who do not recognize an individual’s gender identity.

To see how many of these goals have been imbedded into your country’s laws go to LGBT RIGHTS (your country’s name) in Wikipedia

Taken From Research by Australian Catherine Karena of Active Watchful Waiting.

You can see her video here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxcQuvI0R2g

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Insanity of crowds of doomed people.

What else there to say? Can we save this reality from the full distraction? The reality is split in too many broken pieces. What we see the majority don't see. What they see as a normal path of human evolution, we see it as a total distraction. Can we open their eyes? Can we give them back their sanity? I don't think so. We are the insane for them.

Cognitive dissonance is the critical thinking of today.

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I like Mark and have listened to and enjoyed his chats with Jerm, as much as I have enjoyed listening to your chats with Jerm. I must say that I agree with everything he said here. Unfortunately, this battle just might get ugly as as can happen when your adversary lacks any kind of reason whatsoever. These idealogues are actually mentally retarded in everybtrue sense of the word. I dont say that just to be offensive, It's simply an observation.

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I was sort of a Tom boy when I was a child and prayed for a penis to be added to my body during the night. It didn’t happen and I survived the “trauma” (ah ah). I’m now the mother of 2 adult daughters, glad that they aren’t subjected to this shit (although there was the fake memories of paternal abuse being planted in peoples minds at the time of their youth which scared me shitless already then - early 2000s).

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At this late stage of insane depravity of our societies, I guess it’d now be considered racist to denounce excision (which, however horrible, didn’t sterilize its victims). Not that long ago, we rejected it without question; it was also impossible to be sterilized until after having 2 kids (in case you changed your mind) as well as we NEVER vaccinated pregnant women (when we still were the sole owners of the “title”). The abomination is visible on all fronts but crime on children is truly unforgivable. My heart bleeds with sorrow, I don’t want anything to do with this world.

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Those whom the gods (or psychopathic globalist elite) wish to destroy they first make mad. Looks like the psyop of the last three years on top of decades of brainwashing has finally reduced the grey matter of most of mankind to pulp.

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I have been horrified by the full and complete brainwashing of the millennial generation that surrounds me in grad school, especially in regard to their aggressive position that children with gender dysphoria should be surgically transitioned to a heterosexual conforming body. They call this "gender-affirming," which is just another wicked twist of words by the eugenics overlords who hope to sterilize those that they do not eliminate.

If a male child says that he thinks that he wants to be a girl, these millennials are ready to move heaven and earth to have such a child put on female hormones and, in short order, castrated.

I have been shocked that we haven't heard more from the gay community that children who are likely to be gay after puberty should not be sexually mutilated by liberal do-gooders so that their body conforms to their sexual orientation. These do-gooders have weaponized the threat that these children with gender dysphoria have a high risk of suicide. There is no research to clarify whether it is actually that children who are at a high risk of suicide seek out a completely new identity.

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The transgender issue is a very sensitive one for me, but to explain I would have to make a very long story… not today.

To me, the concept of "transgenderism" has always been something that I have considered just not right. It has to do with a discussion on another column about "objective reality". Someone's biological sex seems to be a concrete reality. Of course, we have exceptions - people born with ambiguous genitalia, or chromosomal abnormalities - but they are that, exceptions that are accepted to be abnormal.

On the other hand, during my medical training I was taught to respect peoples' ideas even if I disagreed. Therefore, I never had any problem offering my best service to a transgendered individual. Years ago, it seemed to be a rare occurrence; in the present, something that was extremely rare has become something quite common, and to make it worse, the "mainstream" professional organizations (in medicine, psychology...) agree that we should encourage people to get "gender reaffirming therapies". I have no doubt that there are agendas to push for this to happen. We do not do this with any other delusional thought. If a guy believes he is Napoleon, we do not "encourage him"; a therapist will help him deal with the objective reality of who he is.

In the past, I also thought that there were very few medical doctors who would be willing to offer medical or surgical interventions to someone who wanted to change their sex. I have always questioned the ethics of a medical doctor or surgeon who would be willing to do this, even with adults. One thing is to respect a patient’s autonomy, or their right to refuse a treatment. Another thing is to have a medical doctor do a medical intervention just because the patient wants it. This has never been considered appropriate in the field of medicine. A patient may want to have his or her gallbladder removed; if there is not an indication to do so, the surgeon or medical doctor would be wrong to remove the gallbladder just because “it was the patient’s desire”. Providing “sex reaffirming” "service" to a child would have been unfathomable just a few years ago.

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I have never been more offended or disgusted by any group as I have been with transgender


They are patriarchal chauvinistic mockers of womanhood. The image that they portray of women is the quintessential male chauvinist’s idea of a woman.

In their open public fantasy explorations, they consistently present women as weak, short-skirted, overly-sexualized, overly-emotional, easily-offended attention-seekers. They have no earthy idea what it means to be a woman and cannot even begin to imitate one.

Real womanhood is resolute, rugged, bloody, and relentless. It requires an unremitting denial of self that men rarely experience. A real woman’s life never affords her the attention or adoration that is demanded by these transgender performers.

Real women are the keepers of the wisdom. They are tribal leaders in shelter building and child rearing. They have instinctive wisdom in the areas of childbirth, child rearing, medicine, energy healing, livestock management, comforting the grieved, food raising, and food gathering to name a few.

Women understand what it is to be a prey species, they proceed through life with eyes and ears tuned for hidden predators and escape routes.

Any woman worth her salt can see that transgender "women," are predators, and if given the opportunity, will subjugate real women to death.

They have taken our sports, our bathrooms, and our children’s innocence. They have given license for rapists to pursue us in every space. They are waking a bear.

As far as the transgender "movement" is concerned, this has been an ongoing orchestrated attempt by the patriarchal psychopaths in the elite class to usher in transhumanism. They are selling the next generation on the idea that reality is not anchored in the physical realm.

This movment is demonic and homophobic, funding directing colleges and medical institutions to drum the mantra than any child whose sexual orientation does not match their body should be mutilated as much as necessary to bring their body into alignment with heterosexual idiology, which conveniently mocks God at the same time.

According to the transgender movement you can be anything but feminine boy or a lowly lesbian.

Every perversion is an option. Women and children are simply a means of self gratification, any other function that they serve can be replaced by machines.

See here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2RIvJ1U7RE

You can here Jennifer Bilke deliver the history and strategy of the transgender movement at Big Picture Watch here: https://bigpicture.watch/watch/

Or read her blog here:


You can hear the first level of this movement and it's effect on families articulated very well here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=495531162654772

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I too find the situation frightening but more so very sad . Here in Canada no one under the age of 18 can open an investment account with a dealer ( financial institution ) . Reasoning is that it would not be an enforceable contract as a minor would not have a clear understanding of the act / decisions regarding this action. How can allowing a minor to make body and mind altering decisions make any legal sense ( not to mention ethical …….etc ) ? I would love to have a greater understanding of the gender issues at play iE why females seem to be taking the lead on this

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Several things-

Seems to be part of the population reduction agenda

Creates a lifelong medical customer who needs to be “managed”

Allows those with “God delusions” to carry out their desire to create a “new human”

And so many more…

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Interesting post by McDonald. One of those who annoyingly paywall comments.

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I wonder how it could be codified in law so as not to offend the sensibilities of those who also butcher youngsters, with the full support of society behind them. We already regard with horror the mutilation of women as it is practiced in East Africa, and in Canada, but allow the mutilation of little boys to go unchecked, without a glimmer of compassion, all in the name of either God, or emulating one's sire, both of which "reasons" are supposed to be justifiable.

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There is a war on children. We must let children be children instead of tools for agendas. It's heartbreaking.

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These women activists, and men, would be the same ones defending abortion and blind to seeing people, and children, as made in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, anything is permissible, no matter how insane and mean.

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Thanks, Todd.

These ‘procedures’ provide (a) a life-long revenue stream for the perpetrators and the accompanying industries, (b) chaos and distress for the victims and the whole of society, which diverts attention away from the profound and wicked transformation of our civilisation, (c) attention for the parents of the victims who can broadcast and parade their trendy status to all, (d) entertainment – similar to the freak shows of old, (e) conditioning – ready to accept even more invasive and inhumane procedures, i.e. brain ‘enhancement as per the Fourth Industrial Rev.

I can think of more direct methods of curtailing this butchery than legal procedures, but that would be going down to their level.

I have long abandoned ‘modern medicine’ that appears to do far more harm than good. However limited, I prefer the Medieval Monastic tradition of a warm bed, quietude, prayers and simple food and a few herbs. It wouldn’t address all conditions, but we might survive with all our ‘bits’ where they should be.

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