Can We Debate with New Normals?

How about a discussion regarding lost friends and family? I am very interested in details around this. I just finished reading CJ Hopkins amazing book The Rise of the New Normal Reich and he has quite a bit to say about it.

This is what I am curious about: what is the basic response of the New Normal folks in your life when you try to give them facts? Do they ever calmly discuss facts, and science, with you? Do they even allow you to have an opinion, particularly an opinion about people’s character, or your intuitive sense about “good people” or “bad people” (i.e., Fauci, Biden, etc.) Do they typically get angry (I mean REALLY angry) when they discuss any of this with you?

My experience has shown that if you present facts to a “sheep” they do not discuss, they do not try to dissuade you with FACTS of their own, they don’t even present them. They either attack you directly (you are selfish, stupid, etc.) or they attack your source, usually when talking about scientific things like vaccines, etc. But they usually attack the character of your source rather than their education, expertise, or whatever. They will instead point out their ulterior motives (money, fame), or tell you about affairs they’ve had, or that they believe in God, or whatever.

Please share your thoughts on this. Hopkins says these people are completely unreachable and that trying to turn them with facts, or science, or reason is completely pointless. I think I agree.

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