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I resist total agreement, having a rescuer archetype in my deck and actually caring, maybe too much… I really want to help, and all such efforts have been futile, even personally damaging.

With good reason, I have always loathed the pharma industry and have not hesitated to voice that opinion. When the PCR test was the first huge clue that something was rotten, I started sending links to all and sundry, quoting Walter Benjamin often: When all think alike, no one thinks very much… I tried to be kind. I tried to be fair. I said I hoped I was wrong (which was true) and offered links to interviews with questioning scientists as something to think about and consider…

Early on, there wasn’t much explantory context to offer, and so much of it seemed outrageous to those who believe in the sanctity of the news. The test seemed moot when so many were dying. With the messaging honed down to the same same same thing on every channel and outlet through the safe media initiative, or whatever it’s called, a few scattered voices in the wilderness— from scientists asking questions— at that time from Europe— meant nothing in the constant barrage of fear porn. There will always be wingnuts crying “foul” was the response. They are irrelevant.

It’s interesting that “questioning the narrative” is interpreted as disrespect for the fallen.

There was derisive anger. Don’t wrinkle my comfort zone! Smirking, eye-rolling dismissal came from highly intelligent people. They questioned my questioning. Shouldn’t you worry more about being, you know, obsessive?

What is actually worse is the damage from the shots now showing up. I really, sincerely hoped I was wrong. One friend who responded to something I sent with “Einstein had a mental illness too, you know…” has 2 inoperable blood clots in her brain which have NOTHING to do with the shots. Local rumour now has it I’m an angry mental case with an axe to grind. Talented, but batshit-crazy.

We were all traumatized. They could not absorb new information, and I get that. Now, the information stream is solid. A firehose, even, of clear data, testimony and evidence. I read and listen to things I want to send out… and hoard them instead, which is painful. Jessica Rose is magnificent! It’s terrible feeling so helpless, so personally dismissed. Detachment and forgiveness are what I’m working on, and it’s work. I really don’t know how to give up trying to help, but since I gave up disrespectful relationships it’s very quiet around here.

Who among us has not been duped by someone or something? Not on this scale, of course, but I'm searching for that anecdotal moment of realization as common ground, or pasture...

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May 16, 2022Liked by Todd Hayen, PhD, RP

I've always been an observer. All of my life, I've been a lone wolf. Even in my career, I would often work alone or with a select few people I knew and trusted. I never try to evangelise. I never try to persuade. My credo is to each his or her own. I do me, you do you.

So in my observations over the last 2+ years, I have learned one thing above all else - we are truly fucked unless people can awaken. But the job to awaken each person is on their own. They cannot be shown facts. They will not listen to reason. If they are to awaken, it must be on their own at the right time for each person.

To paraphrase from the Scottish comedian Craig Ferguson, I am part of a group which does not believe in promotion but you can find them near the front of the phone book (admittedly a dated reference these days). What I have learned in my journey there is that there is only one way to be successful in that program - to be fully accepting that I need to change and commit to doing whatever is needed to make those changes. If I was not ready, or not willing to take the steps needed to change, then I would not succeed. I think it is very much the same with those who "haven't woken". They need to get to that point when they are ready on their own (or never get there).

So I don't think we should be trying to convince anyone. Frankly, in these days as we slide down that slippery slope to totalitarianism, it actually does us more harm than good to stick out.

The people in my life that disagree with my way of thinking definitely know where I stand. They may not understand why, but it's not my job to educate them. If they are curious, all they have to do is ask. But no one ever does.

My daily challenge is my wife and I doing this dance around this issue but never ever discussing it. We recently started watching the show Dopesick about the Oxycontin epidemic. There are so many things that she agrees with in the show yet has this disconnect on in the covid world. She totally gets that Pharma companies are dishonest, only interested in profits and really don't care about how it impacts peoples lives. She totally gets how the FDA is corrupt, how those approving these dangerous medications really only think of what's in it for them - bribes, board positions with the companies they are evaluating and so on. But yet somehow the covid vaccines were all above board and there was nothing wrong with them. I shake my head at all this and it is at that point that I realise there is absolutely nothing we can do to wake these people up. They either do it on their own or they never do.

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I have seen those same responses plus one other: trance. They'll look slightly up and to the side, focusing a 1000 yards away, returning to earth when my threatening words have finished. I no longer even try to reach them, unless they ask me a question.

I do wonder about trying curiosity, using open-ended questions and neutral terminology that won't trigger a trance or rage. For example, "What do you think about the mask requirements in XYZ school?" (and biting my tongue before I say, "What do you think about the mandated suffocation imposed by Pharma shills and hypochondriacs in XYZ school?") Or, "What do you think about the boosters?" and not adding "for a fake disease diagnosed with a fake test".

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