The latest theory is that the bug got into the environment in 2019 or maybe even 2018. It is a bioweapon from DOD research that has been ongoing since 1971. We do not yet know if it was intentionally released or accidental. I lean toward accidental. The MRNA treatment was ready because they had been preparing the "antidote" for many years.

Birx, Fauci, Collins et.al. worked with the intelligence community/DOD to create the lockdown strategy to destroy Trump. Many other less draconian options could have been considered. They scared and flattered Trump who activated an already primed Department of Defense to organize a military operation to manufacture and release the MRNA bioweapon that some of them hoped might work to slow the original bioweapon. The DOD managed the operation, not Pfizer and Moderna. They went along for the huge cash that was doled out to them. The MRNA vials were apparently filled in Ft. Dietrich, MD, not in Pfizer or Moderna facilities. Since this weapon was government property and a national military emergency was in effect, the vax contents could not be examined and no informed consent was necessary. PHARMA and everyone else were doing what they were told. The US Government launched a military operation and forced everyone to comply. They also paid handsomely to incentive compliance and stifle dissent, They used their media to quiet dissidents.

It is possible that DOD released Omicron as a milder variant to slow the uptake and lethality, and thus made Geert's prediction wrong. That is speculation.

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It always seems to me like Geert is walking a tightrope and mostly warns of the dangers of ADE. I recently saw a video of an interview of him with Marc Wathelet this past summer, where he said that he didn't want to say what he really expected to happen

Here is the interview. That particular comment was somewhere near the end I believe.


I think Sucharit Bhakdi has been a lot more open in his analysis and predictions, which all appear to be coming to fruition by the day, sadly enough.

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On The Highwire back in June, Bossche offered a possible scenario that by the end of summer a new variant would surface with a high infection rate *and* a high IFR. He hedged a bit but suggested we might see "millions of deaths" from this variant by the end of summer. It was enough for Bigtree to preface his show with phrases like "extremely disturbing news: and "don't let your children watch this episode yet."

It's important to note that Bossche's prediction was based more on statistics than an actual airtight date, and his theory hasn't changed or lost significance. Everyone here probably knows the basic mechanics of ADE and the danger that lurks in a drug aimed at hijacking your immune system to only attack an outdated variant. For over a year, vaccinees were injecting a protein that forces your immune system to attack the original Wuhan variant at all costs, including the body's ability to recognize cancer cells, other strains of covid and even common cold viruses. My analogy is this: you have a loose screw on your door at home. Instead of buying a $30 toolkit (natural immune system) from Walmart, you spend $2k on a special gold-plated screwdriver. When you bring home this amazing screwdriver, you realize that you needed a flathead instead of Phillips. Sorry, you're out of luck.

Currently, over a billion people have a wrecked immune system thanks to this "vaccine." It's only a matter of time before intense selective pressure from the vax creates a virulent and lethal strain.

To your point, this new lethal strain hasn't yet arrived. I read recently that only 1% of eligible people are choosing to get the new booster, and maybe this will put a damper on selective pressure. I'm certainly not ignoring Bossche's warning, though.

Regarding the point about sterilization vs super-strain etc., these rollouts usually kill several birds with one stone. For example, the infamous Patriot Act gave carte blanch to the military overseas, as well as allowed the tech oligarchs to spy on all of us, plus a thousand other things.

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I have long thought that it was a Pharma op to create more fear, more demand for new types of vaccines, and more belief in fake viruses. See also:


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